April 22, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: Ode to the PlayStation 3


Throughout this console life cycle, my primary gaming machine has been the 360. I have a Wii and a PlayStation 3; but most of my friends had 360’s, I prefer the 360 controller to the DS3, and until recently, Xbox Live was the way to go. Though I do enjoy Microsoft’s box, doesn’t mean the that Sony’s or Nintendo’s sat idly by. There has been several series I have enjoyed on the PS3 and today we look at some of those themes. I spent the entire weekend, outside of Friday, diving deep into my PS3 collection and rekindling a love with Warhawk. I updated the game early on Saturday and spent the remainder of the day enthralled with the huge map layouts, vehicle combat, and the glorious flight of the Warhawks. Sunday I spent the day, before Game of Thrones, trying to finish my playthrough of the only God of War title I have never finished, God of War II. In between updates to titles and Warhawk matches, I played matches of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on the Vita. I was knee deep in PlayStation goodness all weekend and it is now converging into an all-star theme line up on Gaming in Stereo, enjoy!




Nate’s Theme 3.0 – Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Official Soundtrack – Greg Edmonson

I have featured Nate’s Theme from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune as performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra on here before, but today we are getting the original composition and what I feel is the greatest rendition. Nate’s Theme is quite possibly the greatest known theme of the PS3 era. Naughty Dog crafted a impecable trilogy with Uncharted, that took a cinematic approach to gaming like no one before. Uncharted 2 still is one of the highest rated titles on the PS3 and of this generation. It ranks, on GameRankings.com, as 8th highest reviewed game of all time right under the likes of Super Mario 64, SoulCalibur, and Legend of Zelda: Orarina of Time. Nate’s Theme perfectly describes the series with music. The epic horns, exotic drums, and Indiana Jones like theme crafted a well sense of treasure hunting and expeditions. Lighter touches, for instance at the (0:42) mark, make you feel that this is an adventure about people. The superb voice acting, scripts, and motion capture make you care about Drake, Elena, Sully, and the rest of the cast. The series may have it’s beautiful vistas, exciting firefights, and glorious set pieces; but the romance between Nate and Elena, the mentor/father figure Sully is to Nate, and watching Nate grow as a character was where I found Uncharted’s brilliance. Easily one of best trilogies available for PS3 and one of the best soundtracks of this generation; if you have played the Uncharted series, I hope you loved it as much as I have, Enjoy!


God of War III Overture – God of War III Official Soundtrack – Gerard Marino

The God of War series was something I got into late in the PS2 cycle. I played the first one on the PS2, played both PSP titles, and played the third on the PS3. God of War II unfortunately slipped by my radar, it was also shipped extremely late in the PS2 lifecycle. The series has always enjoyed critical and commercial success. An action game wrapped deeply in greek mythology, the series known for its brutal combat, epic soundtracks, visuals that push it’s hardware, and Kratos, the main protagonist that has rage and daddy issues. Kratos and the God of War series has become synonymous with the PlayStation brand. New consoles or handhelds typically will feature a God of War title some time in its lifespan. The PS2 had 2 titles, the PS3 just received its second title, and the PSP had 2 titles as well. The height of the series cam with God of War 3. GoW3 pushed the PS3 hardware to create some amazing visuals that ran most of the time at 60 FPS. The scope of the third entry dwarfed those of the previous titles; the opening of 3 was an epic assault on Olympus by the titans, led by Kratos. The God of War III Overture captures the main musical elements of the series and brought them into a epic conclusion. Sony released the God of War Saga (which I had to pick up), which include God of War 1-3 and the two PSP titles in one package on the PS3. Amazon currently has it for $36.


Dark Pursuit – Warhawk Official Soundtrack – Christopher Lennertz & Timothy Michael Wynn

Warhawk was one of those titles I bought a PS3 for. Warhawk is a multiplayer only title, but is one of the best multiplayer titles available this generation. This third person action game combined what I love about Battlefield (large open maps and unprecedented vehicular combat) and Advanced Wars/Battalion Wars (a quirky, chunky style), into a recipe that,  despite being launched in 2007, still has an active community to this day. Having an active community for a title as old as Warhawk, is typically unheard of on the console scene. To accompany the action and thrill of flight, Lennertz and Wynn have crafted a soundtrack that feels lifted out of a World War 2 movie. From the start of the track until the (1:48) mark, is what plays during the menus. The menu has a running of video of flight through clouds and the track feels like that sense of wonder, of accomplishing flight for the first time, and living in a time of advancement and spectacle. The can be had for the small price of $2.99 at a local GameStop. It is as epic as Dark Pursuit and some of the most fun I have played on the PlayStation Network. I salute Warhawk for staying strong and prevailing through a generation where multiplayer titles don’t succeed unless there is a Call of Duty trademarked into the title. Archipelago is by far one of the best maps I have ever played. Go give it a try to see the epic 32 player action title can offer.


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