January 14, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: Pokemon, Pokemon, and Pokemon.



To keep with the excitement of new core Pokemon titles, this weeks GiS is focused on Pokemon. There are three tracks, 2 from Overclocked Remix, and one from the Pokemon anime show. Pokemon first came to the states when I was a freshman in high school, ugh I’m old, and was an instant hit with my friends and family. I remember bus trips in high school were my friends and I had our Game Boys rocking to the beats of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. When I wasn’t in school, my brothers and I were duking it out with Pokemon Stadium for the N64, and got into Pokemon: The Trading Card Game with the first pre-built ever released. I still play Pokemon to this day and rather enjoy the party complexity and engaging turn based battles. I am not afraid to sport a Pikachu shirt or rock out to the songs I am highlighting today. Pokemon is something that I found magical and fun as a youth and I still do today. This is one series my siblings and I can agree on, that we all still love. Enjoy the Pokemon oriented tracks!




Shades of Red (Theme of Pallet Town) – halc – Pokemon: The Missingno Tracks

The sights and sounds of Pallet Town take me back to monochrome screens and handhelds that still required AA batteries to operate. This remix of the Pallet Town theme is filled with easy beats and beautiful piano bits laid over with chiptunes. It was only fitting to start with a song that started my first Pokemon adventures. Pallet was the town Red, the main protagonist, lived and started in during the original Pokemon Game Boy titles. Hearing this music after all these years makes me want to visit Professor Oak and choose Bulbasaur all over again. The track is very soothing to just sit back and take in the nostalgia.


Pokemon Theme – Pokemon 2.B.A. Master

This was the theme from the anime T.V. show that even though has been through several iterations is still on the air today. My youngest brother and I loved the series and I think my parents still have some of the VHS tapes he used to record them with. 750+ episodes strong, the American and Japanese showed combined, spawning 15 movies, Pokemon has cemented itself as a media giant outside of video games. The show and movies may have some cheese and may not be as well written as other anime but the show is still fun after all these years. The only thing that bothers me is Ash and Pikachu have to be upwards of 25 years-old if not more. Seeing Pikachu’s disgruntled face when Ash picks him up for the first time and the resulting shock is something I will never forget. Gotta Catch’em All!


Bonus Track: Game On (~Opening~Demo) – Fishy – Pokemon: The Missingno Tracks

It is a short track but never the less effective. This was the song that you heard every time you booted up Pokemon Red or Blue. I had Blue and I can still see the Gengar and Jigglypuff battling, go Puff! Less than 20 seconds the song led into the screen that showed Squirtle, or Charmander if you had Red, standing beside Red.


This Gaming in Stereo is for my brothers who I have shared so many gaming memories with and some of the greatest with Pokemon. Also, this is for Brad “thsoundman” who continually torments me about liking Pokemon. Enjoy!



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  2. DianaQ - January 15, 2013 5:56 pm

    Thanks for the songs! They bring back great memories! No matter how old you are, your never too old for Pokemon! Love it!


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