July 8, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: Project X Zone


Project X Zone (pronounced Project Cross Zone) has held my attention ever since I popped the game cart into my 3DS. The story is incomprehensible, there are only Japanese voice overs, and some of the characters are from games not released here in the states; but I can’t stop playing it. The battle system and the strategic grid movement system has me hooked, and lets not forget seeing the likes of Ryu, Ken, Dante, Jin, and other favorite charters of mine team up for demon stomping. Today we are going to listen to a few tracks off the Soundtrack CD that was included with the limited edition, hopefully everyone enjoying this game was able to nab this edition. There are plenty of familiar themes on the soundtrack but a few that were on it, I was not familiar with. A track from Namco X Capcom, a game that was only released for the PS2 in Japan, and a track from .hack, a JRPG series on the PS2 that I never had the pleasure of playing, top this weeks tracks with a bonus track that was made for Project X Zone. The game is gem on the 3DS if you can get past the bonkers story an enjoy one of the greatest crossovers in gaming.




Brave New World – Namco X Capcom – Project X Zone Soundtrack

I picked the first two tracks because of one, they are from games I have never played; and two, they feature a great piano piece. Namco X Capcom was a crossover action strategy title in the same vein as Project X Zone. This track typically plays when you take control of Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu, two characters created for Namco X Capcom. The piano track isn’t overly complex but feels at home among the battling, well drawn sprites. It’s a lighter tone track up against all the demon talk and inclusion of characters from the likes of Devil may Cry and Darkstalkers. Reiji and Xiaomu are becoming some of my favorites among the plethora of diverse characters.


Stairs of Time – .hack// – Project X Zone Soundtrack

.hack// was a series of of action RPG’s for the PlayStation 2 that did see a western release, but unfortunately was a series I never played. Stairs of Time has a great piano part on top of a heavy bass part that really makes the track feel different. Very few scores feature a predominant bass track, but this one is an exception. At the (0:17) mark the bass track makes its presence  known. Just drums, a bass, and piano make this track as unique as the .hack series. A game with in a game is a unique concept and this soundtrack is very fitting. Enjoy!


Mysterious Project – Project X Zone Soundtrack (Bonus Track)

The title track for the game is your bonus track for the week. How do you lead into a game that has so many famous characters across so many genre’s and franchises, by making it epic! The beginning of the track feels like it is better suited for Tekken or Street Fighter; oh wait, they are both here. The synth tracks and guitar hitting around the (1:00) mark feels like it came from a Mega Man X title, though Zero and X are here as well. The track fits the Japanese game/anime vibe quite well, this being full of Japanese characters. The only character close enough to being western is Frank West from Dead Rising. Enjoy the sounds of Project X Zone.    

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  1. DianaQ - July 8, 2013 7:35 pm

    Great soundtracks to a great game!


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