June 24, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: Rocking the Asphalt Edition


It has been a while since I have posted this article, with E3 and other crazy commotion afoot, it was hard to sit down and listen to some tracks to present. With EVO 2013 coming around the corner (July 12th-14th) I though it would be interesting to hit some of the music from a couple of the games present at this years championship. Today we are listening to a track from Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and two tracks from Street Fighter X Tekken. For those that don’t know EVO is the fighting game tournament to end all tournaments. It is held in Las Vegas and pulls fighting fans from around the globe to compete in several fighting games. I think I have spent more money on the Street Fighter franchise this generation than any other franchise. I bought Street Fighter IV, when it was released. Then one Super Street Fighter IV was released, I traded in IV to get Super. Once the 3DS was released I bought Super Street Fighter IV: 3D edition so I can have some asphalt rocking on the go. Then I traded in Super to get the pack that would sit on my shelf in all its glory, the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collectors set that would include Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Street Fighter X Tekken among others. It also came with 11 CD’s worth of music from the Street Fighter series, which I am sharing with you today.




Theme of Ryu – Hideyuki Fukasawa – Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade edition

One of the most iconic tracks from the Street Fighter series has been Ryu. A personal favorite, the driving beat gets the blood pumping. One of things I must commend Capcom for is the way they keep making these iconic tunes turn it up a notch. Sadly the tune only clocks in under 2 minutes but the way the bass drives the melody is uncanny. The breakdown at the (1:24) mark is by far my highlight of the track as it brakes the melody an reintroduces the bass line.




Main Menu Theme – Capcom – Street Fighter X Tekken

When these two famed fighting franchises collided it was interesting to see how the game played and how the music would line up. Tekken is more about timing punches, kicks, and grapples; while Street Fighter tends to have a more over the top, super move feel. The two feel similar in soundtracks, with most recent entries hitting very hard in the electric, high energy side of things. This main menu track is no different. It is full of the high pitch Capcom flair, and has a pulsating beat to get you pumped to see these two classic franchises collide. The Street Fighter IV art style fit the Tekken characters greater then anyone could imagine. The above image is one my Tekken favorite Jin as he appears in the crossover.


Vs. Rival Battle SF Arrange 2 – Capcom – Street Fighter X Tekken

As a bonus track I went flipping through the 2 discs for the Street Fighter X Tekken soundtrack and came across this track. Its initial beat had me hooked and is a variation of the Street Fighter title track. I love the bass guitar that enters in at (0:06) to drive along the electronic melody until the familiar Street Fighter theme takes over at (0:19). At (1:33) the beat that drove me to this mix returns and is my favorite part of this track. Enjoy.

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