Gaming in Stereo: Rocking the Asphalt Edition

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It has been a while since I have posted this arti­cle, with E3 and other crazy com­mo­tion afoot, it was hard to sit down and lis­ten to some tracks to present. With EVO 2013 com­ing around the cor­ner (July 12th-14th) I though it would be inter­est­ing to hit some of the music from a cou­ple of the games present at this years cham­pi­onship. Today we are lis­ten­ing to a track from Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edi­tion and two tracks from Street Fighter X Tekken. For those that don’t know EVO is the fight­ing game tour­na­ment to end all tour­na­ments. It is held in Las Vegas and pulls fight­ing fans from around the globe to com­pete in sev­eral fight­ing games. I think I have spent more money on the Street Fighter fran­chise this gen­er­a­tion than any other fran­chise. I bought Street Fighter IV, when it was released. Then one Super Street Fighter IV was released, I traded in IV to get Super. Once the 3DS was released I bought Super Street Fighter IV: 3D edi­tion so I can have some asphalt rock­ing on the go. Then I traded in Super to get the pack that would sit on my shelf in all its glory, the Street Fighter 25th Anniver­sary Col­lec­tors set that would include Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edi­tion, Street Fighter X Tekken among oth­ers. It also came with 11 CD’s worth of music from the Street Fighter series, which I am shar­ing with you today.



Theme of Ryu — Hideyuki Fuka­sawa — Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade edition

One of the most iconic tracks from the Street Fighter series has been Ryu. A per­sonal favorite, the dri­ving beat gets the blood pump­ing. One of things I must com­mend Cap­com for is the way they keep mak­ing these iconic tunes turn it up a notch. Sadly the tune only clocks in under 2 min­utes but the way the bass dri­ves the melody is uncanny. The break­down at the (1:24) mark is by far my high­light of the track as it brakes the melody an rein­tro­duces the bass line.




Main Menu Theme — Cap­com — Street Fighter X Tekken

When these two famed fight­ing fran­chises col­lided it was inter­est­ing to see how the game played and how the music would line up. Tekken is more about tim­ing punches, kicks, and grap­ples; while Street Fighter tends to have a more over the top, super move feel. The two feel sim­i­lar in sound­tracks, with most recent entries hit­ting very hard in the elec­tric, high energy side of things. This main menu track is no dif­fer­ent. It is full of the high pitch Cap­com flair, and has a pul­sat­ing beat to get you pumped to see these two clas­sic fran­chises col­lide. The Street Fighter IV art style fit the Tekken char­ac­ters greater then any­one could imag­ine. The above image is one my Tekken favorite Jin as he appears in the crossover.


Vs. Rival Bat­tle SF Arrange 2 — Cap­com — Street Fighter X Tekken

As a bonus track I went flip­ping through the 2 discs for the Street Fighter X Tekken sound­track and came across this track. Its ini­tial beat had me hooked and is a vari­a­tion of the Street Fighter title track. I love the bass gui­tar that enters in at (0:06) to drive along the elec­tronic melody until the famil­iar Street Fighter theme takes over at (0:19). At (1:33) the beat that drove me to this mix returns and is my favorite part of this track. Enjoy.

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