February 5, 2014

Gaming in Stereo: The Ambiance of a Hunter


It has been quite some time since the last music article I posted and I apologize. With the busy holidays and my wedding coming up in just a few short months, my schedule has been hectic, but enough excuses, lets get to some tunes! Both tracks today are from the same ReMixer, Argle, and come from OverClocked Remix. Both tracks are from the Metroid Prime series, a series that I love to death and hope that Retro and Nintendo can bring a new spin on the Prime series to the Wii U. One interesting fact about Argle’s remixes is that the original tracks had a faster tempo, the remixes have a slower tempo making them feel more ambient in nature. The tracks have plenty of layers and surprises ranging from acoustic guitars, chip tunes, and pianos; though they do retain their electronic feel. Listening to these tracks over and over makes me want to fire up the Wii and play through the trilogy again, maybe a good way to spend the weekend.




“Relics of an Ancient Race” – Metroid Prime – Argle

Starting with a warble, the track quickly kicks into gear with vocals and effects accompanied by chip explosions. The ambiance this track makes with the stings and stead drum beat is awesome, making the track feel like you are exploring worlds from behind visor. Heavy guitars and the melody pick up at (2:30) and finishing with some very nice harp and piano work around the (4:30) mark. The soundtrack to the Prime series is already rather heavy with electronics and ambient noises, and to remix that is quite a feat that shines through the remix.


“Bogged Down” – Metroid Prime 2: Echoes – Argle

I love the organ implementation in the beginning of the track and it follows through out. This track has more heavy guitars than the previous track but fits with the darker image the followed Echoes. Hitting at the (2:28) mark, a beautiful piano production takes over the melody. Finishing off the track at the (4:00) mark, a suave acoustic guitar finishes off the melody. This track has as much variety as the previous track. Enjoy.


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  2. Diana Q - February 5, 2014 7:51 pm

    I absolutely loved both sound tracks! The first one was lighter but both gave you something to enjoy! Thanks!


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