February 18, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: The Battle Within Begins


Final Fantasy XIII was a game that was either loved, hated, or fell somewhere in between. The constrictive first 20 hours felt a bit dull, the story just throws you into a conflict you have no idea what is going on, and they revamped the battle system (which I loved). The score for the game was different. The game saw Masashi Hamauzu take over with no input from the series main composer Nobuo Uematsu, who left Square Enix in 2004. The battle system is what kept me involved in the game; I did like some of the characters and the game is a work of art visually. Both tracks are also in Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, Square Enix’s love letter for the 25th Anniversary of the series.




Blinded By Light – Masashi Hamauzu

This was the main battle theme, this track sunk me into the battle system. The pulsing drum and the inclusion of the guitar at the (0:23) mark start to take the track to another level. At (0:35) mark the main theme pulls through. This section drove home the battles for me. This is one of those infectious tracks like Halo’s “chant” tracks that you could have stuck in your head for years. I’ll just let the track speak for itself.


The Sunleth Waterscape – Masashi Hamauzu

Though this track takes place on the Sunleth Waterscape, a beautiful hillside filled with greenery. You take over as Vanille during this section and I have always attached this song to her. A fun loving, free spirited 19 year old, not really ready for all this conflict. The tracks soothing piano is heard through out and the dance beat feels fun. I think I stood in The Sunleth Waterscape for quite a while doing nothing but listening to this track. It was a treat to get this track included in Theatrhythm. Enjoy!


Both songs were purchased from iTunes, $1.29 per song.

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  1. DianaQ - February 18, 2013 7:34 pm

    I enjoyed both songs: Blinded By Light was a more dramatic song with a stronger theme, whereas The Sunleth Waterscape was a more mellow and softer theme. Thanks!


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