August 23, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Transformers Thursday

Being the resident Transformers nut this week is very exciting as seeing the release of Fall of Cybertron, the sequel to High Moon Studios hit War for Cybertron. To celebrate this occasion, I thought it was only right to give the spotlight to the infamous Stan Bush. To the average person, the name Stan Bush means nothing. To anyone that grew up in the 80’s and loved the first Transformers animated movie the man is an arena rock legend. The two songs today are what Stan Bush is most notably known for, rocking out to these songs is great fun and to know they are inspired by something I hold dear and warms the heart.


The Touch – Stan Bush – Transformers: The Movie Soundtrack

This was the main theme to the 1986 animated film and just to keep this game related it was used during a GameStop commercial for Preorder DLC for War for Cybertron. The song is just epic area rock that screams back to the 80’s and all the hair. There isn’t much more to say about this track other than grab a Transformer figure and rock out.










Til all are one – Stan Bush – In This Life

This was a pleasant surprise at the credit sequence for War of Cybertron. The credit sequence was very well done, including the introduction by the resident boom box, Soundwave. The title of the track was “theme” for Fall of Cybertron. Like the previous track, after you get past the one minute intro there is nothing else to do but rock out. TRANSFORMERS!







All songs were bought from the Zune Marketplace.

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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - August 23, 2012 4:56 pm

    Marky Mark sang it (the Touch) for Boogie Nights too! so you know it rocks! haha


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