October 1, 2010

Gears of War 3: TBA

Did you see the awesome gameplay at E3? Were you getting excited about Gears of War 3 in the spring?? Well allow me to crush those dreams for you. Gears 3 had a launch date of April 5, 2011. Well now you will have to wait until the Fall of 2011. The reason? No one knows. Microsoft has come out and said “Gears of War 3 promises to be the biggest entertainment launch of 2011” and “The teams at Microsoft Game Studios and Epic Games have done great work thus far readying the title for release in the Spring of 2011. However, we’ve elected to move the launch of Gears of War 3 until Fall 2011 to make it the marquee title for the holiday season.” There has been speculation that they moved the launch date for Gears 3 to make more room for Epic Games other title Bulletstorm which is set to release Feb 22, 2011. One has to wonder though is Bulletstorm going to be good enough to keep our attention away from Gears 3 getting pushed back? Not sure. We’ll just have to wait…..even longer now.


  1. thsoundman - October 3, 2010 9:49 am

    I told my friend this, who is a huge Gears Of War fan, and he about flipped. He couldn’t believe that they pushed it back 5 months I swear he was about to cry.

    I don’t know if I buy that they are moving it back to “ensure quality” because thats not activisions currenty style. I find it more likely that they are pushing it back to increase overall sales for their release bulletstorm. I suspect there will be an excessive amount of advertising for Bulletstorm.

    This is just my opinion but it’s what I suspect is going to happen.

  2. ScrotusKilmystr - October 2, 2010 2:19 pm

    I agree cabbie but from what I’m taking from ‘Nade’s article is they’re just trying to maximize their opening week income…. but it’s always nice to dream and think that Cliffy B. will get his crew to fix his issues instead of just being a cool mouthpiece for epic

    I was also thinking maybe the Halo release scared them alittle after seeing the numbers…

  3. CABXYZ - October 2, 2010 8:14 am

    I am really glad that they pushed the game back. I have always been a strong advocate of pushing a game back so that the game can meet a certain quality than releasing a game that is not finished and needs patch after patch just so you can stomach the game. With this delay I hope that they take the multiplayer back to code and fix the broken mess that it has always been, and this goes for any unreal 3 game. The engine needs a major overhaul and not just “new” additions.

  4. qantar @ Gamers TV - October 1, 2010 9:15 pm

    IS this game is good? I wonder what it’s like and may be I’m thinking to buy one to play.


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