Goblin Keeper: Total World Domination Anyone?

“The road may be long, and the dan­gers may be great, but the reward is well worth it… the title of great­est Gob­lin Keeper of all time!” Gob­lin Keeper Game Guide

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Look­ing for some­thing to play in your down­time or lunch­break, why not try out the new free-to-play online game from Night Owl Games called Gob­lin Keeper. I can only describe it as a strange com­bi­na­tion of The Sims, Lem­mings and Far­mville — be care­ful it’s strangely addictive.

You are an evil over­lord and the aim of the game is total world dom­i­na­tion! You achieve this lofty goal by build­ing an army of gob­lins, orcs, war­locks and other crea­tures form­ing your very own empire. All you have to do is keep your army happy with food and gold and get them to build for you as needed, dens for sleep­ing, mines for resources such as gold, iron and crys­tal and a library for research among other things — the more they learn the more you are able to achieve for your dun­geon, more work­ers, more space and more pow­er­ful crea­tures. The game has it’s own shop, sim­i­lar to GW2 but of course on a smaller scale, where you can buy things such as upgrades, boosts, and recipes, or you can trade with other play­ers. All this empire build­ing even­tu­ally means that you are able to send out your army on raids to vil­lages or keeps, in turn you need to defend your dun­geon from other raid­ing par­ties. It has all the right ele­ments, lev­el­ling, PvP, PvE, craft­ing, and it also a really good method of intro­duc­ing you to the game with­out resort­ing to the usual tuto­r­ial rou­tines, you are grad­u­ally intro­duced to the ele­ments of the game and sud­denly you are play­ing on your own and rely­ing less on the help tips.

Here’s a quick run­down of the game features:

- Dun­geon: Build your dun­geons accord­ing to your imag­i­na­tion.
– Craft­ing: When your rooms are cre­ated, use the work­shop to improve them with equip­ment and fur­ni­ture.
– Tac­tics: Develop var­i­ous tac­tics to defend your dun­geon and to fight back raids.
– PvP: Relax­ing belongs to his­tory: face other play­ers in bat­tle, loot their dun­geons and elim­i­nate their crea­tures.
– PvE: Down with the elves! Destroy and loot the homes of these pointy-ears on your over­world raids.

To see more check out the game trailer avail­able on the Gob­lin Keeper web­site: http://en.goblinkeeper.com/media.

Play any­where, any­time, you can play the test con­tent with­out hav­ing to sign-up so if you’re inter­ested why not give it a try.

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