March 19, 2010


So anyone who knew me in college will know that GOW is by far my favorite game series since freakin ever. I had the third GOW on pre-order since Nov. and was finally able to finish the EPIC series this past week. I picked the game up on tuesday and had completed Wednesday. I know that makes it seem like a disappointly short game however I did put a good 16hrs into it which is pretty average for a game like this. What isnt average is the shock value and fun factor that Santa Monica Studios delivered with this highly original and grip you till your comotose title.

Most game trilogies require that you play the every game in the trilogy to understand and enjoy the games. This is partially true with GOW, to truly grasp the story and its elements one much play from the beginning, however game play value and enjoyment factor is not hindered if you havent played the first two games, you wont get the whole picture you dont play it from the first game but  if all your in it for is the hack and slash goodness youll not be dissapointed no matter where you started in the series, and after playing one will likely be enticed to play the others. What makes GOW III so notable? theres a few things.

1) New tech. GOW III was designed for and built around the PS3 and really takes full advantage of the PS3’s hardware. It has a new lighting design and the graphics with the exception of some textures are comparable to something you would see on a PC. The Dev’s really got there hands dirty and in the end made a spectacular looking game.

2) Story. The story of Kratos and his rise from mere mortality to claiming Ares’ thrown as the god of war to being betrayed and cast down from olympus is gripping to say the least and will keep you enthralled and unable to put the controller down the entire way through. I dont want to say much more about the plot and ruin it for those who havnt played, just know that the story is among the best and the manner in which it is told will keep you interested to the very end.

3)Gameplay/characters. Gore, dissmemberment and blood flinging hacking what more could you possibly want? The game play is pretty typical of a hack n slash game, but GOW somehow manages to spice it up with unique combo moves and finishers, you can either beat down on an enemy till they die or you can follow the onscreen buttom prompts which will yeild a combo of finishing moves and better reward (orbs). The finishing moves however can be quite challenging as it mixes it up quite a bit and in some cases can be a bit lengthy, the result however makes it entirely worth it, the combo moves act as a playable cinematic so to speak, its not pre rendered but the camerea angles and focus will give a most awsome visual to acrobatic moves Kratos is punishing his enemies with. And speaking of visuals GOW delivers 100%, the backgrounds are highly dynamic, in that there is usually something going on in the back ground that adds to the immersive and giant scale of the environment making the world come alive in a unique way. The scale should also be noted, you will guide Kratos through environments that will make Kratos look like a spec of dust from fighting on titans to navigating a giant labrynth of epic proportion. The puzzle play is also out standing, its challengin yet not impossible to the point of frustration. And last I was a tad dissapointed with the length but when I thought about it I realized that I had infact put a good 16hrs into the game which is what most games are anymore, I think 20 is more expected but in the 16hrs it took me to beat the game it certainly delivered in an awsome way and in now way felt rushed or cut back. I alosmot forgot the characters, theres is alot to say about them but to keep it short GOW III intoduces new highly imaginative creatures and new gods to go up against making for a fresh and unique addition to the GOW series.  Ill stop here as this has gotten kinda long but if anyone has any questions that I may have neglected to mention post it and Ill be mor than happy to answer 😀

Look closely and youll see tiny Kratos on the Titan Gaia (The scale is EPIC)


  1. PimpmasterF - March 19, 2010 11:11 pm

    Also while im on it ill tell a bit about the screens I posted.
    The second one with Kratos holding some guys head, well that is Apollo the sun god and Kratos is ripping his head off which allows you to stun enemies with bursts of light and helps you find hidden paths in game.
    The third with the giant bohemeth with the purple hooks,(the hooks are used to take an indivuals soul out of their body). Thats the guy who replaced Kratos as the new god of war, you fight him (which is an awsome fight)and when you kill him you take his hooks and thus aquire a new weapon, they work much like the blades of chaos (Kratos’ original weapon) but with different variations of attacks.
    the fourth with the huge fire titan and the minataur. The minataur is a bit difficult only cuz you have to fight off minions also but the finishing move on the minataur is sick, you throw him to the ground and gut him and yes its very visual. the titan in the background is fending off Apollo while on his way to climb up mt. olympus.
    the last screen is the titan Gaia who for the first hour or so stands as a fighting platform and it is quite awsome. it is there that you kill poseidon. You also get to fight and kill Hermes the messenger of the gods and take his ankle things with wings which allow Kratos to charge enemies super fast and run up and along walls

  2. PimpmasterF - March 19, 2010 10:57 pm

    Oh and Im glad you like the article, i thought maybe it was a bit drawn out and people would get board with it 😀

  3. PimpmasterF - March 19, 2010 10:56 pm

    I cant say about the white skin, I dont recall the game really explaining that. the bladed chains however are a bit interesting, they are seared to his arms in the first game as a binding commitment to Ares the original god of war, Kratos strikes a deal with Ares at the beginning which is what lights the fire that is God of War. the story has its first twist at the very beginning of the first game when Kratos tries to kill himself and the gods wont let him cuz want to use him to destroy Ares and promise him retribution and release from his torment if he agrees. I believe its in the first game where you go to hell (hades) and get to fight your way back to the living world, partially doing so on the titan cronos, (sorry its been a while since I played the original so my memory is a bit fuzzy) you can kill things by literally ripping them in half and tearing off their limbs and beating them with it. You get to open Pandora’s Box which is not as epic as you might think but still interesting (it gives you the power to kill a god)and throughout the first game the gods help Kratos by allowing him to utilize their power such as Zues’ lighting bolts, athenas sword, Poseidens abitlity to breath underwater and so on. The second game changes it up by siding Kratos with the titans as the gods betray him and trick him into losing his god like status. and like the first the titans grant him certain abilities to help accomplish the goals they set out for him kinda using him as a tool for their own agenda against the gods. Its cool how they tell the story too cuz it doesnt start like most games where it tells you the main premise and goes from there it starts with Kratos as a main character and builds his story kinda like how a book would start out if you get my meaning. And along side the main story is a side focus which isnt apparent till the second game and then reitterated in the third, which is the war between the titans and the gods, its actually quite unique and tastefull how they work the two together even though it is a fairly small part of the plot it stands out quite well. thats all I got for now, I could probably tell more with more direct questions 🙂

  4. DeathProof - March 19, 2010 9:50 pm

    I’ve never played any of this series as they are only for PS3, and well, I don’t have a PS3 : ( But ur look at GOW III is almost making me want to go out right now and pick up a PS3 and this title. It looks sweet. I heard there is a story behind some of the physical attributes of the main character, like the white skin. Ashes from family members? Any other cool things about him or this game that are not spoilers that stand out to you? : )


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