August 10, 2012

Halo 4 Vids show off UNSC weaponry and a little bit of House


343 Industries launched these videos on Halo Way Point, showing off the latest in UNSC tech. They will be doing videos for each faction, the first is the UNSC, then Covenant, and Forerunner. The videos below show off the UNSC gadgets that you will be using to create quarter size holes in your opponents this fall. I still find it a bit odd that both the Battle Rifle and DMR will be in the game, one being single shot and one being a three round. The DMR replaced the Battle Rifle in Reach, so it will be interesting to see how they compliment one an other. The sounds the shotgun makes against the spartan shields is awesome (you can hear it better in the second video). The Railgun looks like it may need some balancing as well as the Saw’s reticule, it looks too closed for a LMG. The art style as well has come a long way and in my humble opinion, is the best the game has ever looked, and feels more mature. Enjoy the videos, the first including some awesome House music, no it’s not dubstep. The second one is free of the love making sounds between a toaster and 56K modem, so you can appreciate the awesome sound work.



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