October 31, 2011

He Killed Me!? Impossible! He Must be Cheating!


This is something that has been on my mind for quite sometime now but I’ve never actually voiced it before until this weekend when I probably heard ‘foul play’ called at least 30 times.  I’ve noticed in today’s gaming scene that it’s common place to call foul play everytime one’s self gets killed.  I’m not denying that there are hackers out there in the PC gaming and Console gaming industry, and in recent years the number of them have been growing but that doesn’t mean every time someone gets killed it’s because of a hacker. 

Up until recently hacking was primarily a product of the PC gaming industry and for a time console gamers had been spared the horrors and extreme annoyance which is hacking.   However, in recent years, a number of hacks have appeared on console systems across multiple games and now our console brethern are suffering the same thing the PC industry has been facing for years.  The biggest problem with hacking in console based multi-player games is there is basically no way to ban or kick the person commiting the offense and thus they are forced to suffer through it. 

Having said all of that I think it’s important to note that just because someone beats you doesn’t mean they are cheating.  People tend to call ‘foul-play’ because they think they should of won when in reality they just got outplayed.  Lets face it, we’ve all done it, myself included have screamed “hacker, hacker, hacker!!!” over Xbox Live or Ventrilo when we were unable to fathom how they beat us… we swear they were behind the corner when they shot us when in all reality it was most likely a lag spike, or the most likely culprit, we just got outplayed. 

There are some individuals out there that are so good at the games they play that you would swear they were cheating.  I’m going to use an example of a kid I played in Halo 2 back when I was in college.  This kid wasn’t your typical gamer in the fact that he only had half an arm or an underdeveloped arm that never fully finished growing.  He was simply one of the best Halo players I have ever seen, and I’m good, or was good back several years ago.  No one could touch him and his final score had to be something along the lines of 30/2.  The fact that he had a ‘handicap’ just added to the illusion that he was cheating when in all reality he was just simply a much better player then me. 

I’ve been accused of cheating many times and I’ve been banned for ‘cheating’ several times as well and I’m sure many of you reading this have seen and experienced similar things.  I’m happy and sad to say that doesn’t happen anymore, mainly because I’m not near as good as I used to be and thats simply because I don’t have the same reflexs at 26 that I had when I was 16.

While I do believe there are cheaters out there I don’t think they are every single person that kills me and neither should you.  It’s hard for us to admit sometimes that we just simply got outplayed.


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  3. Technomancer - November 4, 2011 4:53 am

    Reminds me of my days playing CounterStrike back around ’99. Of course there actually *were* a lot of cheating going on in that game, but you would get so much abuse after a good kill streak.

    I think it’s also an ego thing. People tend to overestimate their own skill level at games, so when they get completely thrashed, they are completely sure that it must have been cheating.

    And to CharCoal’s comment: I see this a ton as a big Dawn of War 2 player. Even in high level tournament play, the players will whine about imbalance and “OP” abilities like small children.

    Sad really

  4. IronJade - November 1, 2011 7:49 pm


  5. RAY16 - November 1, 2011 12:06 pm

    I try not to resort to calling hax on somebody unless its really obvious, and even then I keep it to myself or my friends and don’t broadcast it publicly. After all, calling attention to a hacker just gives those sociopaths what they want.

    As for when people call me a hacker when I’m doing really well, I take it as a compliment. Kind of brings a smile to my face to know that I’m doing so well somebody has to delude themselves into believing I’m hacking.

  6. CharcoalCoyote - November 1, 2011 7:43 am

    Aside from cheating, I’ve realized another thing the RTS and MOBA community flames a lot about is “balance” issues. It’s a touchy thing, and is sometimes conditional, but I can admit that I’ve called “OP” (overpowered) on a lot of things when I’ve simply been outplayed.

    However, this isn’t to say there aren’t any balance issues. I’ve found that there are a number of champions in League of Legends that consistently get buffed for strange reasons, instead of the nerf that many of us feel they deserve.

    Another common problem on which we consistently blame lost games is our teammates. In a random matchmaking system, the skill-matching is never going to be exact. However, it seems like every time I play LoL with a group of 4 or fewer, our non-party teammates are the most incompetent players in existence. While more often than not, they contribute quite a bit to our eventual defeat, we have a habit of throwing all our vocal hate at this one person throughout the whole game, and blame them solely for our loss.


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