Hey! Daikatana Is On GOG!

HEY! Remem­ber this ad?


Stay classy ad firm. Stay classy.


Well now, in it’s infi­nite wis­dom, GoG has secured the rights to DRM-free dig­i­tal deliv­ery of the well received, beloved,  gem of a game Daikatana!


Look at those non-frog ene­mies! I bet the game doesn’t even have frogs!


It’s just a coin­ci­dence this comes in the year after GoG changed it’s named from “Good Old Games” right!? RIGHT!? Regard­less, if you either have fond (drunken) mem­o­ries of Diakatana, never expe­ri­enced it and wish to see what the talk is all about, or just want to own this piece of his­tory, you can get it on GoG.com now for a pal­try $5.99.




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Feb 08, 2013
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With all the con­tro­versy that sur­rounded this game it should have been bet­ter than a pol­ished turd. I remem­ber all the adver­tis­ing and almost picked it up when it was released on the N64, I think I picked up Turok 3 instead. But like with Duke Nukem For­ever which I paid less than $10 for, it maybe worth the pick up to remind me of how even with the great­est inten­tions, you can fail miserably.

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Feb 08, 2013
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Straight onto the twit­ter feed and I’m so excited I’m going to favourite my own tweet :-)

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