February 8, 2013

Hey! Daikatana Is On GOG!

HEY! Remember this ad?


Stay classy ad firm. Stay classy.


Well now, in it’s infinite wisdom, GoG has secured the rights to DRM-free digital delivery of the well received, beloved,  gem of a game Daikatana!


Look at those non-frog enemies! I bet the game doesn't even have frogs!


It’s just a coincidence this comes in the year after GoG changed it’s named from “Good Old Games” right!? RIGHT!? Regardless, if you either have fond (drunken) memories of Diakatana, never experienced it and wish to see what the talk is all about, or just want to own this piece of history, you can get it on GoG.com now for a paltry $5.99.




  1. Rick "CABXYZ" - February 8, 2013 2:02 pm

    With all the controversy that surrounded this game it should have been better than a polished turd. I remember all the advertising and almost picked it up when it was released on the N64, I think I picked up Turok 3 instead. But like with Duke Nukem Forever which I paid less than $10 for, it maybe worth the pick up to remind me of how even with the greatest intentions, you can fail miserably.

  2. TattooedKitty - February 8, 2013 1:48 am

    Straight onto the twitter feed and I’m so excited I’m going to favourite my own tweet 🙂


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