September 8, 2013

Hot Tin Roof: The Cat that Wore a Fedora

I wanted to bring the spotlight onto an indie game that is in the makings. The game is called Hot Tin Roof: The Cat that Wore a Fedora, and has an impressive design team behind it. The game is very unique in play style and feel. The kickstarter video below explains the general idea of the game, and introduces you to the impressively talented design team.

I spoke with Michael Nielsen, who is one of the music composers for the game. He described the game in a few short eloquent words that really get the idea across.

“Basically, if you were to take LA Noire, mix it with Metroid, and give the protagonist an Inspector Gadget revolver, you’d end up with something similar to Hot Tin Roof.”

One thing that really hooked me the game, is the sultry voice of the main character, Emma Jones. The game captures this slinky Noire feeling in a completely unique and quite beautiful way. The game is in a Metroid style, where your revolver is your main tool.

The game has already garnered a lot of attention from some pretty big names in the gaming industry. PC Gamer, GameZebo and Indie Statik have all had glowing words they have imparted about the game. The kickstarter for the project is already at 65% with twenty days to go. The game has been in development for about six months with a projected release date of March 2014 on PC, Mac and Linux. The game is also on Steam Greenlight which is a new feature on Steam that has the users vote for games to be available on Steam.

Glass Bottom Games could prove to be a powerful creative force in the gaming industry, and brings a fresh look to gaming. The movement toward more crowd funded games is really important right now, and although I doubt it will ever knock behemoths like Blizzard out of their seats, they might make the floor tremble a little.


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