June 13, 2013

How Statistics are Working Against Us

A new statistic has been floating about the internet the last few days, mentioning that about 45% of gamers are female. This came as zero surprise to me. The numbers have been higher than almost everyone has been willing to admit for YEARS. The gender distribution has been close to equal for quite a while now. I am also not talking about girl who play Angry Birds, which was one of the most popular irate comments that were being thrown about twitter and other websites. I mean girls who love to actually PLAY games. First person shooters, RPGs, anything they can get their hands on. My rational self wonders why this is even an issue, but at this moment it is an issue of sexism. I wish we didn’t even need to show statistics of how the gender distribution is close to equal. Statistics should be used to inform, and instead a lot of internet trolls have responded to this with sexist comments.

For one, I think that Twitter is one of the most poisonous social media mediums to ever exist and there is a distinct reason why I refuse to use it. Twitter takes everything that I hate about the way people argue on the internet and makes it a giant blender full of one lined incompetent arguments and hashtags. If you won an argument on twitter or are proud of yourself of posting something bitchy in your 100 characters, you should take a good look at your life and realize how pitiful that is. So I pretty much discredit anything anyone says on Twitter as the kind of garbage you should keep to yourself. I wouldn’t mind if someone set fire to the Twitter headquarters and forbade anyone from creating a similar hateful site again.

Rant about Twitter aside, boys, stop being afraid of women in the gaming industry. Half of the trolls are saying that if girls want to be respected in the industry they need to work in the gaming industry, and the other half say they should just play flower arranging games and leave the industry alone. More girls are playing games, and I’m thrilled with that. Now can we use the statistics to go ‘Oh hey, I never realized that, maybe we should be more considerate to half of the gaming community’ instead of trying to discredit statistics or use them as an excuse to be sexist. The change starts with each of us, regardless of gender. Want more women developing games? Encourage the women you know that you have their back, and won’t make an off handed sexist comment about what sort of games they should make. Don’t feel threatened by other gamers, regardless to their gender. The ship for ‘girl gamers don’t exist’ sailed years ago, and was a ghost ship in the first place. How about we all just agree that video games are awesome, and stop worrying about if the person you’re playing against has tits or not.

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