September 5, 2013

IL-Huh, Sturmowhat? DCS: WWII Announced!


DCS, or Digital Combat Simulator, is a series done by Eagle Dynamics that are widely regarded as the tip top ultimate in combat flight sims. Where Jane ruled supreme and Microprose raised the bar, now DCS stands alone over the bodies of its fallen comrades. Noted for its insanely accurate attention to detail (read: 8 minute startup sequence for a 95% accurate A-10C simulation), they have now launched a new Kickstarter campaign to bring their love of detail to an era that few develop for anymore: World War 2 flight sims.

After the horrific failure of IL-2 Cliffs of Dover, this looks to be the welcome and refreshing revitalization of the WW2 combat flight sim genre outside of the eastern front, which the upcoming IL-2  Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad has covered very well.

Stretch goals include new planes and maps, and extend up to a lofty one million dollars, where players will have a flyable B-17 bomber, and four new campaigns plus a Romania map.


One of the backer rewards: That could be YOUR face!



If you wish to pledge your hard earned money towards a hardcore simulation of World War 2 air combat, you can visit their kickstarter page for details and to throw money at them in hopes of having a multiplayer crewed B-17 Flying Fortress!

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