March 25, 2013

Infinite Crisis coming to the moba Scene


Today, Warner Brothers Interactive announced that the DC Universe will be making its way to the MOBA scene this year with Infinite Crisis. Infinite Crisis will be a free to play MOBA produced by Turbine, the people behind Lord of the Rings Online. The game will feature characters from across the DC Universe like Gaslight Batman, Green Lantern, and Doomsday. Here is the roster so far:


Nightmare Batman


The Flash

Gaslight Batman

Gaslight Catwoman

Gaslight Joker

Green Lantern

Poison Ivy


The Joker

Wonder Woman


There will be more champions announced at later dates until the game is released, but the roster is looking good so far; I love the inclusion of the Gaslight Batman series, fighting Steampunk crime never looked so good. Infinite Crisis is still in alpha, but you can sign up to join in on the beta right here. WB Interactive dabbled a little with licensed MOBA’s with Guardians of Middle Earth; while I enjoyed the game, there was some balance issues and some horrific connection issues that pretty much killed it. Hopefully we will get to test the game out later this year. The official announcement trailer is below and some shots from the alpha build. Is there room for another MOBA? Will the community be world better than the LoL community? Does this logo for Batman completely rock?!


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