December 17, 2011

Infinity Ward is checking the naughty or nice list, checking it twice

Modern Warfare is a juggernaut of a franchise, and with its massive following also comes hackers and ass hats of all kinds. Its been widely known that the MW series has been the victim of much hacking, illegal stat padding and tweens who take out their prepubescent frustrations on the rest of the gaming community with over the top vulgarity and derogatory comments due to an inability to cope with losing at something that doesn’t actually exist.


If your like me you’ve lost your taste for the game due to the douchebaggery that ensues in MW online. Fortunately Infinity Ward is doing something about it. Anyone who gets caught hacking, illegally stat padding, or being an uber douche in general will find they’re account banned for over a decade, 13 ½ yrs to be exact.


Now of course there is likely to be some kind of warning system depending on what a player is caught doing. I sincerely doubt Infinity Ward is going to impost a 13yr ban without warning to someone who was reported or caught for vulgarity, we all do it, it deserves a warning, or no more than a one week ban to get the message across. Hacking however is a different story. A player caught hacking is likely to wake up one afternoon to find they no longer have access sending them into a rage of high pitched squeals and possibly crying.


If you can’t handle having to actually earn your fake rank or keep from spewing derogatory BS then you shouldn’t be playing the game anyway. Instead you should probably be working on some much needed basic life skills. Hopefully the online experience will improve with Infinity Ward taking action against the douchebaggery that is MW multi player.

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