John Carmack’s Quakecon Keynote


Quake­con is in full swing down in Dal­las, Texas this week­end and to start the con­ven­tion, John Car­mack took to the stage to weigh in his opin­ion on sev­eral key issues going on in the indus­try and tech­nol­ogy. John Car­mack is ID Software’s tech guru and titles like Quake, Doom, and Rage would not be pos­si­ble with out him. A very bright and very tech­ni­cal speaker, if you are not up on tech­nol­ogy or gam­ing, you can get a bit lost. While he does get on a tech­ni­cal note on ker­nels, proces­sors, cod­ing, pro­gram­ming, GPU’s, and ren­der­ing; he does touch on sim­pler sub­jects such as next gen con­soles, Kinect, dis­plays, and the mobile mar­ket. He can be a lit­tle long winded, clock­ing in just over 3 hours; but it’s a very com­pelling keynote. If you want to get a bit tech­ni­cal and lis­ten to one of the bright­est minds in the indus­try, I urge you to watch it. If you are in school for design, cod­ing, hard­ware, or any tech­ni­cal pro­gram; you should take notes. Enjoy!


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