February 15, 2012

Konami shutting down Metal Gear Online

Come June 12, 2012 MGS4’s online counter part, Metal Gear Online will be shut down for good. This will happen in stages beginning March 21st with the online shop being shut down. A month later on April 24th players will no longer be able to create and register new characters, also all expansion packs will be made available for free on April 24th.

If your a fan of Metal gear Online get your fix in now because it will end, I would also advise you to take as much advantage of the free expansions you dont already have and enjoy them as much as possible for the month and a half youll have access to them.

This is a bit of a sad day, Metal Gear Online had a pretty large following and this will upset quite a few gamers, but lets face it, the popularity clearly isnt high enough to keep putting money into it to keep it going. Oh well I suppose, enjoy it while you can and keep an eye out for the next big thing with Metal Gear branding.


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