Left4Dead2 Back to School: Reloading new content

Six dis­turb­ing new chap­ters in the Left 4 Dead Series await you, time to team up and reload!

Left 4 Dead Image of School Area for Back to School Campaign

Back to School is a new and chal­leng­ing Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 cam­paign avail­able now and set against the back­drop of Bor­den city. Our four pro­tag­o­nists have heard that the US Mil­i­tary are plan­ning to come in and clean up the city from the infec­tion and have decided to go the the near­est strong­hold, which just hap­pens to be the local high school. The team start out from the north while the army starts from the south, in order to get to the high school they must fight their way through five addi­tional brand new areas: The For­est; The Rail­way Sta­tion; The Town; The Cin­ema; and The Church, before finally arriv­ing at the gates of the high school. Even though you have all these new loca­tions it will still feel famil­iar, dark and men­ac­ing back­drops, zom­bies com­ing at you left, right and cen­ter and the all impor­tant team chatter.

Although the Back to School cam­paign was orig­i­nally released for down­load on 28 Octo­ber 2012, there were a few tech­ni­cal glitches which meant that it wasn’t ideal game­play, in fact all the fea­tures of the new cam­paign weren’t actu­ally in place. But with the lat­est release it looks like every­thing is finally in place and it’s a good time to down­load the cam­paign and give it a try. Be warned, I have read that the dif­fi­culty set­tings for the new cam­paign don’t entirely mesh with those of the base game, so just keep that in mind when you are turn­ing the set­tings up to expert, this cam­paign is hard.

The offi­cial cam­paign site boasts the fol­low­ing features:

- Six absolutely new maps in both Ver­sus and Cam­paign modes
– Twelve brand new Panic Event
– “Marauder” — new game mode
– New type of the final
– Non-linearity
– Dozens of new mod­els and tex­tures
– “Cin­e­matic physics“
– New Color Cor­rec­tion and par­ti­cles systems

For more infor­ma­tion visit the offi­cial cam­paign site or check out the L4D Back to School group on Steam, you’ll also find the back to school forum on Steam here: steamcommunity.com/groups/backtoschool/discussions.

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