September 16, 2011

Learn with Portals

With wonderfully unique gameplay and fantastically brilliant writing, it is no wonder that the Portal Game series has become such a hit. This critically acclaimed series has also gone on to other entertainment mediums, such as a comic book and a live action film.

Portal: No Escape

However, the creators didn’t want to stop there. Valve has decided to show the value of video games in education through their new program, Learn with Portals. They recognized the potential for Portal to add an entertaining and innovative approach to learning physics and critical thinking. Valve has invited classrooms to join them at the Valve headquarters to work with top of the line programming and to meet some of the brightest minds in the gaming world. The kids get the opportunity to creative their own Portal worlds, learning physics, math, logic, and spatial reasoning along the way. To support this program, Valve has made the original Portal game available for free download (for Mac and PC) until September 20th, 2011.



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