March 28, 2010

LFD 2 DLC Delayed

Ahhh, who woulda thought that zombie slaying could be so fun, and only with 3 “friends” to help you through the campaign?  Well it turns out it is fun as hell, and replayability is friggin high.  Left 4 Dead 2 kicks ass, but there is something that is very obvious about this release from Valve, maps are very limited, and some new weapons would be nice too (more so with the 1st LFD, but with the 2nd one too).  So Valve will give us the goods, but a bit latter than expected, and of course for the 360 before the PC : (  The DLC titled “The Passing” was supposed to be released by the end of March, but now is being pushed back until sometime this Spring.  Some of the new weapons will be a Golf club, and a M60 for slaying with only the ammo that come with the weapon.  The DLC will run u $7.00 (or 560 Microsoft Points) less than half of what the DLC is going to cost ppl for MW 2.  And it is rumored to bring back the characters from the 1st Left 4 Dead, yea, stop staring at Zoey’s ass.

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