February 14, 2012

Mass Effect 3 demo is here!


One of this year’s most anticipated, if not THE MOST anticipated game, Mass Effect 3 released in demo form today and I must say if this is any indication of the full release then I think no other game will come close to touching it the entire year!


In the demo you get two full single player levels complete with cut scenes. The demo also gives you an option to choose the game style you would like to play like straight shooter or classic RPG action shooter. What little of the story you get it amazing  in keeping with the Mass Effect franchise it hooks you in the first 5 minutes and keeps you on the line until the demo is over. Without reveling anything all as I can say if HOLY AWESOMES SAUCE! This game is going to be amazing!


There is a multiplayer component that can only be accessed early (Feb 14th to Feb 17th) If you activated your Battlefield 3 online pass  and then after the 17th will be open to everyone. Multiplayer is an objective based “Horde” mode that is insanely intense and lots of fun.


The demo is available now on PC via Origin, Xbox live and The PSN for free download. If you haven’t done so download it now and check it out! For more info check out the official Bioware Mass Effect 3 site HERE.


Also on Sunday Feb 19th during the AMC show The Walking Dead a new Mass Effect 3 trailer debuts to make you hunger even more to play this years’ best release! But for now check out this trailer with Fem Sheppard…..ENJOY!



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