March 8, 2012

Mass Effect 3 DLC, its bugs and a workaround for said bug

Bioware has released DLC for Mass Effect 3 one day after its release titled From Ashes. This DLC gives you the opportunity to gain a little insight on the Protheans and their war with the Reapers 50,000 years prior to the events in Mass Effect. Along with additional story details it will give you a mission to revive a Prothean for your squad and unlock a particle rifle which instead of ammo uses a cool down feature making it ideal for those times when ammo is scarce.

But with all new games / DLC it has its bugs. The DLC is likely to crash once you complete your first objective in reviving the Prothean, a frustrating factor seeing as the game has just begun. There is good news though, until Bioware gets this worked out there seems to be a work around. There are two objectives to revive the prothean, should your game crash upon completion of the first objective dont reattempt as it will crash every time (in my experience), instead go complete the other objective first and come back to the first objective. This seems to alleviate any crashing woes experienced in the DLC mission. Hopefully Bioware will rectify this soon but until then simply complete a different objective then go back and attempt the one that was crashing.

From Ashes will cost you 800 Bioware points or $10. For those who have to have it all or just want the added story and the prothean and rifle get this, if you are looking for a significant addition to your game this may not be for you, the mission is short, bout 30-60 min and has no real substantial value, if this puts you off you may be better off waiting till it drops in price or just googling the details for the story points. For $10 its not bad but could have more content. Either way its enjoyable all the same.


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  2. Kevin - March 11, 2012 8:21 pm

    This dlc reveals quite a lot more than you’d think. It shows you how a place you visited in the past came to be. It explains why they fell. Considering Liara is a Prothean expert, you even gain some insight from her. Adding to her character. Without this, you’ll miss some details that greatly add to the overall story. Not so much in Mass Effect 3, but from previous games. It solves a lot of unanswered questions. While seamlessly tying into the main story. The fact they so clearly sliced this up to make a dollar. It makes sense to me why a lot of people were mad.


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