June 28, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Extended and New Endings

If you were like me many of you were extremely disappointed with the rather… terrible endings of Mass Effect 3.  They felt incomplete and they were full of outrageously glaring plot holes and inconsistencies.  The outcry against the ending was so large that it prompted Bioware to modify the endings and even add new ones to the game to appease upset fans.  I think this speaks volumes about Bioware and shows that they actually listen to the people who play their games.  While I’m not totally thrilled with the endings they are a large step in the right direction and are far more acceptable than their predecessors.


I thought for those of you who had already uninstalled Mass Effect 3 it would be much easier to just watch the new endings instead of re-installing the game or throwing it back in your 360/PS3.  Be forwarned these DO CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!! If you have not played Mass Effect 3 or plan on playing it do not watch these as they will spoil the endings for you.


Another big complaint I had was the massive glaring plothole that the endings created.  In each of the original endings the Mass Relays are destroyed.  Effectively trapping the entire space Armada above earth and destroying galactic civilization which is what we spent 3 games trying to save?  Additionally when Mass Relays are destroyed they wipe out entire solar systems which in essence would destroy every planet which would defeat the purpose once again.  I’m happy to say they fixed that plot hole by stating that the Mass Relays were not destroyed but just damaged and that they can and would be repaired.  Keeping galactic civilization as we know it… intact.


That being said here they are:


Synthesis Ending (Extended):


Destroy Ending (Extended):


Control Ending (Extended):


Refusal Ending (New):


– Source : Videos from IGN

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  1. Namit Malgaonkar - June 29, 2012 6:54 am

    i also feel that the game is incomplete. In some characters i also don’t know how my actions affected specific characters.



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