July 28, 2012

Mass Effect Movie in the works

Back in September 2011 Legendary Pictures announced it would be taking on a theatrical version of Mass Effect. Since then there have been little details, and still are, but some detail made its way through the grape vine.

The latest in this news is that there is a Mass Effect script. The author who wrote I am Legend, Thor and The Cell, Mark Protosevich has written a Mass Effect script for Legenday pictures. This is still in its preliminary stages and not much has been decided yet. What we do know is that the movie will center around a male Commander Shepard and his journey.

Originally Legendary intended to keep the game out of it and produce a movie based in the Mass Effect universe but tell a completely different story from what the games told. However it appears that the movie will be focused on the story that was portrayed in the first Mass Effect game. Legendary also stated that Seth Green would not be playing the Normandy’s pilot Joker. That could end up being the case but Legendary has also stated that no casting decisions have been made, so its possible we will see Seth Green as Joker.


I think the Mass Effect story would make for a great movie but as we’ve seen in the past movies based on games usually end up in a steaming pile of fail. But given the scripts author and his previous experience I have hope for this. Lets just hope they can get the casting right, a good script isnt worth a damn if its being murdered by the actor reading it.



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  1. Video Games Consoles - July 30, 2012 12:18 am

    Mass effect is an awesome game i have spent countless hours playing it..Now with the movie on the way i cant wait Awesome 🙂


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