January 14, 2012

Message Boards: recent victim, Asura’s Wrath

I love reading comments and message boards. If I could I would read and moderate comments and boards all day. The interesting responses and comedic banter has had me in deep thought and crying from laughter. On Tuesday, the demo for Asura’s Wrath hit XBL and the PSN and the boards were aflame. Asura’s Wrath is being developed by Cyber Connect 2, a Japanese developer best known for the .Hack series and the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series; BELIEVE IT! The game has a great look; somewhere between an episode of Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighters new art direction. It has all the Japanese quirkiness that western audiences come to expect and has some of the most epic fights in gaming to date, so why all the fuss? Essentially the game is one giant quick time event. There is game play reminiscent of a rail shooter and a has some fighting mechanics thrown into it as well, but for the most part get ready to hammer the B button to win.

 As mundane and unoriginal the infamous QTE is it fits the overall tone of the game. Most of the battle sequences are so over the top, it feels like there is no other way to battle a planet sized god than with QTE’s. From the reactions I read on Tuesday the game is polarizing, you either love it or you hate it. I for one am fond of the game. I know that many feel QTE’s are a developer’s easy way out and that some even feel that it’s just pure laziness, but here is the question I have to all the board flamers, how do you make something as epic as Asura’s Wrath and make the combat feel just grand? It’s a sugar rush of color and combat, it’s a feast for the audio and visual senses, why muck all that with uncontrollable combat? The God of War series was synonymous with the QTE and made you feel like you could rip gods in half. Was it laziness on David Jaffe’s team or was it to add a cinematic feel to a button masher? There were some comments that suggested no one to pay full price for a game that is essentially one long QTE, why not? To each his own right? Some people pay full price year after year for “censor” which is a large map pack with few to no tweaks, so for something that might give you a sugar high for 6-8 hours and make you come out feeling like you could bench press the world is wrong? If the game can keep the over the top action sequences throughout the game, and they remain fresh, then I see a game that could be very entertaining and amuse the anime/action game crowd. The game has me intrigued and will definitely be playing the demo over again till the games release. Go play the demo for yourself and see if you get sucked into the over the top, god brawling combat or apparently it will disgust you and you may lose your lunch.


Asura’s Wrath will be release in North America on February 21st, Japan on February 22nd, and Europe on February 24th respectfully.


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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - January 15, 2012 10:43 am

    I saw this at E3 ( well virtually at least) and it does look cool didn’t know it was mostly QTE but I’ll give the demo a look if anything to check out the art style


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