March 27, 2013

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Announced


We will just keep rolling along with game announcements this week. Just announced at GDC, Hideo Kojima will be bringing us Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Now this has been teased for quite a while with a trailer for a game called The Phantom Pain. MGS 5 will run on the new FOX engine being worked on by Kojima Productions and it looks stellar. The game has been confirmed for the PS3 and 360, which is a bit odd because the game looks like it could be a PS4 title. With how coy Kojima is, it may be a PS4 title, it may not. It is just surprising that if this is how it will look on current hardware, how are they squeezing that much horsepower out of that old tech? There has been no release date announced, but there have been rumors that series veteran, David Hayter, will not be returning as Snake. The trailer in it entirety is below. I will update when more is announced and expect some hands on time at this years E3. No offense to DICE, but this has me more excited than the Battlefield 4 reveal, show me multiplayer and that may be a different story.


[Updated] Up to is now the official logo from Konami, and a gallery of screens below, enjoy!


Metal Gear Solid 5

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