Microsoft backs down on Xbox One Online Policies


Microsoft announced today via Xbox Wire, that they are back­ing off of the online restric­tions for the Xbox One. The Xbox One came out of E3 with some very neg­a­tive feed back. The poli­cies in ques­tion were the every 24 hour online check in and the DRM poli­cies where games could only be lent to 10 online friends plus pay a license fee for used games. Sony addressed these issues with the PlaySta­tion 4 at their press event openly stat­ing that the PS4 will not have a per­sis­tent online check and the way you play used games will be how you play them on your PlaySta­tion 3. This backed Microsoft into a cor­ner, do they take the black mark and stick with their polices or do they finally deal with them pub­licly and change the fate of the Xbox One. They have changed their poli­cies as of today. The Xbox One will require an ini­tial inter­net con­nec­tion to set the con­sole up after that games will run as nor­mal like they do on the 360. The games will not be restricted any more as well, you can play, trade, bor­row, or sell games just like you do know. The choice to try and go dig­i­tal is not some­thing I can blame Microsoft for, I see what they were try­ing to accom­plish. Pub­lish­ers and devel­op­ers don’t see any­thing from used game sales, dig­i­tal down­loads maybe the future as well, we have seen that with the PC. Though we have seen this with the PC it was not an easy tran­si­tion nor was it widely pop­u­lar at first. I think we will see a tran­si­tion to dig­i­tal this com­ing gen­er­a­tion, but it has to be nat­ural and not forced like Microsoft was try­ing to do. Now that these poli­cies have been removed it will be inter­est­ing to see how this will effect the per­cep­tion of the box and the Xbox brand. This also brings into ques­tion the games, like Forza Motor­sport 5, that were going to use the “always con­nected cloud com­put­ing” for things such as A.I. and per­sis­tent worlds. There are more ques­tions that need to be answered sur­round­ing the things they already announced that will be effected by this change of heart. A day one update will be required for these new poli­cies to take effect, but once that is done, you can use the con­sole like you use your 360.  What are  your thoughts and reac­tions, this changes almost every­thing going into the fall launch, does this sway you away from the PlaySta­tion 4 or Wii U or does it keep your pre-order untouched? You can check out Microsoft’s response on Xbox Wire, right here.

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