Microsoft backs down on Xbox One Online Policies

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Microsoft announced today via Xbox Wire, that they are back­ing off of the online restric­tions for the Xbox One. The Xbox One came out of E3 with some very neg­a­tive feed back. The poli­cies in ques­tion were the every 24 hour online check in and the DRM poli­cies where games could only be lent to 10 online friends plus pay a license fee for used games. Sony addressed these issues with the PlaySta­tion 4 at their press event openly stat­ing that the PS4 will not have a per­sis­tent online check and the way you play used games will be how you play them on your PlaySta­tion 3. This backed Microsoft into a cor­ner, do they take the black mark and stick with their polices or do they finally deal with them pub­licly and change the fate of the Xbox One. They have changed their poli­cies as of today. The Xbox One will require an ini­tial inter­net con­nec­tion to set the con­sole up after that games will run as nor­mal like they do on the 360. The games will not be restricted any more as well, you can play, trade, bor­row, or sell games just like you do know. The choice to try and go dig­i­tal is not some­thing I can blame Microsoft for, I see what they were try­ing to accom­plish. Pub­lish­ers and devel­op­ers don’t see any­thing from used game sales, dig­i­tal down­loads maybe the future as well, we have seen that with the PC. Though we have seen this with the PC it was not an easy tran­si­tion nor was it widely pop­u­lar at first. I think we will see a tran­si­tion to dig­i­tal this com­ing gen­er­a­tion, but it has to be nat­ural and not forced like Microsoft was try­ing to do. Now that these poli­cies have been removed it will be inter­est­ing to see how this will effect the per­cep­tion of the box and the Xbox brand. This also brings into ques­tion the games, like Forza Motor­sport 5, that were going to use the “always con­nected cloud com­put­ing” for things such as A.I. and per­sis­tent worlds. There are more ques­tions that need to be answered sur­round­ing the things they already announced that will be effected by this change of heart. A day one update will be required for these new poli­cies to take effect, but once that is done, you can use the con­sole like you use your 360.  What are  your thoughts and reac­tions, this changes almost every­thing going into the fall launch, does this sway you away from the PlaySta­tion 4 or Wii U or does it keep your pre-order untouched? You can check out Microsoft’s response on Xbox Wire, right here.


Posted On
Jun 19, 2013
Posted By
Thomas Mayfield


Seems to me as if the xbox one has a lot of good fea­tures to it that are very sim­i­lar to the ps4.
Dif­fer­ence is that the xbox has stricter poli­cies which are unat­trac­tive, with the inabil­ity to play used games unless you pay a fee. Seri­ously xbox you guys really dropped the ball on this and def­i­nitely lost a cus­tomer. It shows in the reviews. Im sure it will be a great prod­uct but i pre­fer the Ps4.

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