December 23, 2009

Modern Warfare 2

Despite reservations about the low blow IW pulled on the PC community I decided to give MW2 a try, and why wouldn’t I, my friend let me borrow it for free.  Having played the original in it’s entirety I can honestly say that the single player lives up to the original in every aspect.  The game is truly tense for the entire campaign.  Unfortunatly, like it’s predacessor, is entirely way to short.  The campaign for me totaled in at about 6 hours.  I would of liked to of had a longer campaign with a little more story.  The game takes you across the globe from the slums of Brazil to USA, Russia, and Afghanistan.  The game is full of fast paced, brutal bloody action, the action sequences are well scripted and the story is full of sorrow, betrayl and some happiness here and there.

There is a moment in the game, yes we all know about it, that you have to mow down a group of civilians in an airport.  While I did play through this in it’s entirety and while I understand this is just a game.  I did find myself hesitating to pull the trigger.   I’m a fairly desensitized guy so I found that sort of interesting.  While I don’t believe that there should be some law against this kind of depiction I hope they don’t start including children in these types of virtual massacers.

Unlike the previous game I was VERY satisfied with the ending.  It ended on a much higher note then the previous installment.  The games setting is far more grim.  Seeing the destruction of US cities and seeing open warfare taking place on residential streets is a chilling expereince.  It’s pretty intense calling down predator missle strikes, especially when you viewing them  from a distance.  The game has a wide array of weapons to choose from.   One thing I really did enjoy although not really neccesary for the gameplay is some of parts of the game that don’t include killing enemies.  Climbing the wall of ice on the side of the mountain, crawling to grab a gun while your wounded, repelling off the side of a cliff or my personal favorite pulling a knife out of your chest.


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  2. PimpmasterF - December 24, 2009 11:54 pm

    MW2 was excellent in my opinion, not only did it hold up to the hype and expectations the first one set but exceeded them I think. the mechanics were good and they really put alot of time and effort into the story line, it was gripping and kept you interested all the way through. The online is also excellent, Im not usually to fond of online multiplayer (Ill admit it, im not so great when up against other people instead of AI) but the online experience they have provided thus far is stellar and kept me logging on wanting more. Oh and yes, pulling the knife out of my chest and then throwing it into the generals face was probly the most badass moment of the game. Bottom line…Well worth money and even better since I got it black friday for 40.00, Highly recommend to anyone who likes FPS, and even if your not to into FPS MW2 may be the game that gets you into it.

  3. Crazieman_47 - December 23, 2009 12:19 pm

    Don’t forget that this is a PS3 Game also. To which I have played through on Ps3 On Veteran and finding all the Hidden bits. Veteran had its moments and really forces you to look at the situation such as the White house, and take out certain Machine guns before moving. Little things that you normally would not notice if you just played through on Regular as you can just run past it and forget it. ANywhoo, I was a little dissapointed with the fact that the Scenery such as cars, and trucks, and objects, not to mention the explosions were pretty much the same as MW. I liked the heart beat sensor, although I would have loved it even better on a M4, or P90. My personal Favorite was when your finished you can go into the Museum and play with all the weapons and take your revenge on certain people by blowing them up. PS, Love killing all the chickens and getting the Reward. Lived on a Chicken farm for years, hate those buggars.

    I never got to play the Multiplayer although this is where MW excels. Multiplayer to me is what MW is all about, as with MW I ended up playing the Mod, Ultimate Paintball Feverishly due to the physics of lobbing a ball instead of 1000mph bullet. I love the Idea of the Co-op Special Forces part of the game where 2 of the missions you have to finish with someone else.

    ANyway I had this game rented for a week, finished it in 1, replayed it for the 2nd day, and then went to find something else due to lack of internet speed for me to log on to multiplayer.

    Overall I would suggest the Chinese Goverment switch from CS:S to MW2 for training.


    WTF is with not being able to fight in space? True underwater warfare? I wanted to be in space shooting stuff not watching as some bright light blows me to bits. and for the underwater parts, I was THRILLED with the thought of it, but no its just a cut scene as usual. Also WTF was with that crashed Helicopter scene you play through twice, I initially was like WHAAAATT??? I just shot these guys. But the immersion of the Data within the characters and scenery, such as that guy in the Gettos that leans out a window and waves his arms at you telling you that up ahead is some bad guys by pointing and then shooting with his arms like a gun. That was a cool Addition most people would not notice UNLESS you play on Veteran and don’t want to get your head blown off.

    p.s. on the roof top of the buger joint, point the Gattle gun at the ladders and you can just pop off the other guys and not worry about getting hit over the head from behind.


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