September 17, 2011

More Bang for Your Microsoft Buck?

It’s no secret that Xbox Live costs the most of all console networks. Nintendo’s Wifi service is free, PlayStation Network is free and an identity thief’s wet dream, and Xbox Live costs, at best, $50 a year. Is it really that much better? Whether it’s worth it or not, I’m paying. As a paying customer, there are a few features I’d like to suggest, and almost feel inclined to claim a sort of shareholder leverage to pitch

If only...

First off, I’d like to see adjustable standard headsets. Yes, I am aware that they are already adjustable to a large extent, but they have one major flaw for large-headed individuals like me. I can choose to either have the earpiece centered comfortably on my ear, or have the mic close enough to my mouth to pick up things I say at a natural volume… not both. Is it so much to ask? Granted, I don’t know the particulars of all the other technical glitches that seem to plague Xbox Live voice chat, but this one seems like an easy fix. With the simple application of the same adjustable size mechanism on the headband to the microphone’s arm, my complaint would go away.

Next is another chat issue. Don’t misunderstand me; I love my Chatpad– I really do. I dropped $30 on the new black one to match the rest of my all-black Elite setup. My problem is that I just don’t get to use it as much as I’d like. Sometimes voice chat just isn’t what I want to use, but nobody uses Windows Live Messenger. Everybody I know is on Facebook Chat, if anything. Can’t we just accept that? Facebook is already available on the dashboard, so why not implement a chat medium that your friends actually use? Who knows, the notion might even result in more Chatpad sales (hint hint).

So how about it, Microsoft? Can some of the money I pay you for the privilege of playing your games go toward making it a better experience? Don’t make my go elsewhere…

How about all of you? Leave a comment if you have another good idea for an Xbox Live feature that we’re already paying for but not getting.


  1. BlackRift - September 18, 2011 10:45 pm

    @CharcoalCoyote – I used to use Windows Live Messenger myself. All my friends used to as well… But after facebook killed myspace, the integrated chat feature of everyone’s favorite social networking site killed such chat mediums (at least in my circles). I wish I could get my friends to go back to Windows Live Messenger, really. It would be a far simpler fix for my problem. I just don’t see it working, though. Such a little fish can’t swim against facebook’s tide for the sake of a lowly Chatpad… No matter how much I like mine, apparently.

  2. CharcoalCoyote - September 18, 2011 9:59 am

    I’ll agree and disagree with you on points. I’m a fairly small-headed person, so the headsets don’t bother me too much, but I will say that they are not very durable.I’ve owned a 360 since launch day, and since then I’ve been through three headsets (and the third is beginning to crap out on me.)

    Also, my friends and I have been using Windows Live Messenger for upwards of six years. It’s a preference thing. Facebook Chat with the chatpad would be kind of nice.


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