January 23, 2012

MS points coming to an end?

Rumor has it that the Microsoft virtual currency system that utilizes Microsoft Points will be getting phased out in favor of real world currency. By the end of 2012 the Xbox Live marketplace, zune, and windows phone and any other devices/software where one would use MS points will be converted over to using actual dollar amounts for purchases. This is of course the unofficial word as it is still just a rumor, but I think we can all be hopeful that this change will take place.

The point system isnt a bad system in its entirety, there have been purchases ive made that when I did the math it was actually a bit cheaper to buy with points than with cash, and if buying something that was a few hundred points then same difference. However Microsoft has ripped many a customer off by forcing the point system on them. The minimum you can buy is 400 points, what if you simply want an avatar item valued at 100 points? well your either stuck with 300 points youll never use or your forced to buy more in order to get something else just to get rid of the points you initially purchased. Its basically Microsoft forcing customers into a “minimum purchase” regardless of what the person wants to buy. And even for large purchases there is likely a few points left over that will never get used. Ill admit this likely doesnt bother most users but its still a rip off anyway you look at it, Microsoft is getting your cash to be used however they see fit and you are left with points you may never use. Lets hope the rumors are true and Microsoft changes to a real world currency system.

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