February 17, 2010

**New** Aliens vs. Predator

Well let’s see, the guys that worked on the original PC version of this series back in 1999 have had a little time to think how they would like the love of their life to look and feel like.  I sure hope they hit the mark with this one.  This will come out on the 360, PS3 and the PC (thank god, wish companies would stop shortchanging the PC, for f*** sake, it’s the only platform that enthusiasts can actually get more outta the experience, graphics, game play, control).  Don’t get me wrong the 360 and PS3 are sweet, but even on my 50’’ flat panel, playing on my PC just seems like a more compelling experience.  FYI seems like the new Dead Space is not planned to be release on the PC, which pisses me off.  More on that soon.

This Aliens vs. Predator looks bas ass.  I wanna be scared and piss myself during game play, and I have a feelin this one will bring the hits.  There will be 3 different campaigns, playing as the Aliens, Predator, and the Colonial Marines, cool.  Lets just say this, I’m looking forward, and there’s not enough time to play all these sweet games that are coming out, uhhh and this one came out yesterday ; )


  1. DeathProof - March 1, 2010 8:23 am

    fyi smart-ass Xbox has banned over a million modded consoles recently, that means … ohhh noo, ppl are ripping Xbox games too.

  2. thsoundman - February 28, 2010 4:29 pm

    I think comapnies keep shortchanging the PC versions because certian individuals NEVER buy their games they just pirate them with the attitude of “I’ll buy it later” then never do. *cough cough* Why build it for a platform that never buys it?


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