July 30, 2012

New Games: Not As Good or Just Getting Old?

I’ve begun to notice a trend with myself in regards to mygaming habits.  I pick up almost every new release that comes out on Steam or that is released in general unless it gets completely atrocious reviews.  I’ve got 300+ games on my Steam list and most of them I have played.  But recently I started to notice a very disturbing trend compared to when I was younger  (13- 21 years old) compared to now (27) and that is almost every new game only holds my interest for about  3 – 4 hours before I’m bored and am ready to move on to another game and most of the time I never come back to the previous game I was playing.  This compared to when I was younger I would pick up a game and play it into oblivion… titles such as Star Wars: Rebellion, Goldeneye 64, Xwing vs Tie Fighter, Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight and Star Fox 64 I probably sunk in 100+ hours hours into each of these games and that was before I even got started in the modding communties.  There were other games like Half Life and it’s assorted mods such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress that I dropped a good six plus years of my life into and that doesn’t even include the mapping I did for those games.

Not since Counter-Strike has a game whether it be single or multi-player captivated my attention for long or gotten me to play through a second time, even with the addition of achievements and leader boards.  This got me to thinking is this because games now days are of a lower caliber? Am I over stimulated or am I just getting older and my tastes are changing?  Perhaps I’m losing my interest in gaming in a slow but steady pace?  I just don’t know…

I think when we are younger games are a bit more (for a lack of a better word), magical and the worlds come to life more brilliantly than they do as adults.  I mean even games like Star Wars: The Phantom Menace which got mediocre reviews at best I played over and over and over again through the campaign and I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread.  Having said all that I think games were more of an art form and were used to express creative energies compared to now where most games are designed as a packaged product to draw in as much money as possible.  I think I could argue pretty reasonably that most games now days aren’t as creative or immersive as their predecessors but that is just an opinion

On the flip side I’ve realized that I can’t game for 15 hours a day every day anymore like I could when I was in my teens.  I’ve got a job that usurps 50 hours of my week, I go to school part time for a Graduate Degree, I’m married and I run a gaming website.   I just can’t dedicated a whole day to gaming like I used to and even when I have time off I generally have to get up and do things all throughout the day.  I have a short attention span and I like to play games all the way through and if I get disrupted I tend to lose interest in the game.  I actually had this happen with The Witcher II which is a fantastic game but I kept getting taken away from the game and I finally just stopped playing.  I tried picking it up again and got all the way back to where I was and stopped playing again.

I guess in the end it’s most likely a combination of the fact that my interests have changed as I’ve grown in life over the past seven years, the amount of time I have to spend and the fact that most games don’t really innovate that much on things that have already been done.  I’m curious to see what some of our viewers think.  Have you guys had a similar experience as me or has it been different?


  1. Adeline - September 27, 2014 12:52 pm

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  2. DK52 - October 6, 2012 3:34 pm

    Same exact issue, it’s amazing how I have not seen more of these posts.. I think the real issue is the type of games nowadays are just overly polished, with no real substance. They lack the depth that the old games had.

    You touched on the fact that even the mediocre games were playable for months on end in the old days, I contribute this to the fact that we have 100x the games released nowadays. It has turned into a hollywood buzz, I think the real issue is that it’s getting harder and harder to pick through all the garbage games, and once you finally do find a good one, your bored and tired of the search.

    It’s why I have been floating to indie games lately, they seem to be the only ones with a stroke of ingenuity left, or at least the balls to try something new.

  3. TattooedKitty - July 30, 2012 7:59 am

    I sometimes wondered if it was just me that had this issue, phew! I’m finding these days that a game has to have something going for it that holds my attention whether it’s amazing graphics, a captivating story or with MMOs that it creates a great environment for working within a group for example. I used to play the Star Trek games endlessly because I love the Star Trek universe… but trying to play STO was just hard work, I kept stopping and starting and in the end I just stopped completely. I’m happy now focusing on those gems that I find, they are always there somewhere.


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