April 30, 2013

New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer focuses on Protagonists


The newest trailer for Rockstar’s venerable franchise has hit the internet running and we got a bonus. The trailer is broken up into the three protagonists that consist of GTA V. This will be the first time there will be three protagonists in the same shipped package for a GTA title. GTA IV had three protagonists, one for the main title and two in the subsequent DLC expansions. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor will have interloping story lines and work together during the course of GTA V. The three are worlds apart, Michael being well off and just tired of his life, Franklin has been in gangs all his life and wants out, and Trevor is a just a crazy drug dealer from the sticks. The Rage engine looks fantastic and the direction as well. People seem to forget that a GTA title is not all running around blowing things up and beating up hookers. There is a lot to the stories much like an episode of The Sopranos. They are a caricatures of American Life and you can sit back and see some of the crazy things we listen and put up to on a daily bases in this country. The game will be out on September 17th on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.


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