July 9, 2013

New Grand Theft Auto v Trailer Presents a Question


The question is, if this game looks and plays this great on current gen consoles, why do we need next gen this fall? Rockstar has been reluctant to show off gameplay footage of their latest open world opus, until now. Showing off their version of a fictional southern California, Rockstar has outdone themselves again. The world is gorgeous, full of life, and they have focused on updating game mechanics that were introduced in GTA IV. Three protagonist equals three perspectives, and being able to switch to any of them at will. The missions have more variety and can be planned out instead of linear, preset runs. The game looks like it could be months of fun, and lets not forget the tease of the multiplayer at the end of the trailer. Though the game was delayed until September, the delay looks to have been fruitful. If GTA V runs this well on current hardware and can last you quite some time with all of its content, why do you need a next gen platform that won’t play current gen games? There are many good reasons to nab a next gen console, but with the likes of this game, it makes that decision very hard. My September and beyond will be booked with a trip to Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto V will be out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17th.


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