August 23, 2010

New Neverwinter Nights Game In 2011

Speculate no further, Atari and Cryptic announced today Neverwinter, an all-new online game based on Wizards of the Coast’s D&D brand and set in the fantasy universe’s iconic city. Neverwinter is expected to launch for the PC in late 2011.

While the game will share many of the same locations as Bioware’s original Neverwiniter Nights, it will tell a somewhat different story of a once mighty city that has been decimated by a century of hardship and civil war due to an unclear succession of leadership compiled on top of a plague that has been claiming the lives of many of the lands denizens.

While this game will require you to connect to a server to play, cryptic stopped short of calling it a MMO.   Gamers will be able to choose from five D&D character classes.  Gamers will then be able to join five man squads made up of other online players.  Players will also be able to do a single player piece where they can recruit NPC’s into their group and go forth and venture out to complete quests and explore dungeons. 

True to form, new title will still allow players to craft their own in game storylines and quests by using an in game content-generation system known as forge.  There are currently no new details available on Forge. 

For those who enjoy D&D novels the game will be released alongside a trilogy of books by R.A. Salvatore which are set in the forgotten realms.  The books will tie in with some of the game’s main characters, monsters and storylines. 

Judging by the information we have this game really gives off a Guild Warsesq type of feel.  The recruiting NPC’s into your group and travesing the land and being able to do the same thing with other people really feels like guild wars is almost the exact same thing done in guild wars.  Should be intersting to see how this game differentiates itself.  The one thing I have not found yet is if this game will require a monthly fee to play.


  1. KrystSakes - June 8, 2011 8:16 am

    Hate to say it, but people are no longer in DnD really. They would rather have all this simple stuff where there is no planning besides a talent point in a skill tree.

    Don’t get me wrong I am still to this day playing PnP DnD. So I am not one of those people I mentioned. I wish they could just take EVERYTHING from DnD 3.5e and map it with a 3d interface. Neverwinter tried that I believe with the first Neverwinter nights….It was alright but EQ2 looked so much better at the time. Hope they get this new engine working great for them. Hope it isn’t the lowest out now thouogh.

    About the Guild Wars comment. If this game is anything like guild wars it will fail. I am soooo suprised guild wars lasted for expanstions and let alone a sequel. I hate the fact cities are hubs for the public and you run outside and boom just you and npcs…kinda lame and boring. I don’t think people want to sit in town get 4 others rather it be PCs or NPCs to go do things. I like running around and seeing someone running for their life from a mob that I kill for them and then boom you get a friend. Or yes perhaps an enemy.

    I say piss everyone off. Every developer is out for what the people want not what the game is. EQ Nothing at all wrong with it. EQ2 horrible, that shows you try to make games easier people lose the creativity. I mean MMO is starting to sound like Diablo2 player base. All about items people farming to sell crap no one cares about the actual game anymore. As long as it is fun and retards can play it they like it. If it makes them think to long they hate it and QQ. Sorry for this ending rant, just bugs me.

  2. AceOfNades69 - August 29, 2010 1:04 am

    The Neverwinter games have always been solid games, but for some reason they are not as main stream as Guild Wars or World of Warcraft.

  3. ScrotusKilmystr - August 27, 2010 8:34 am

    this games sounds cool I never tried guild wars but it is looking pretty sweet as well i like the fact that these online games are not forcing you to play in groups like wow and still have a great gaming experince


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