April 8, 2013

New Pokemon Hint at Days Past


Pokemon X and Y are on route to hit the 3DS this fall, adding new 3D visuals and new Pokemon among a myriad of new features. One classic Pokemon that has been a staple and fan favorite since the Blue and Red days is getting a new evolution, Eevee. Eevee, who started out only evolving into Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon; will now be on it’s eighth evolution. This new evolution form is Sylveon. Typically the Eevee evolutions are based on type, Sylveon looks different than the other iterations. What it takes to obtain this evolution is being kept quiet at this time.

The other Pokemon that The Pokemon Company is showing off is very reminiscent of another Red and Blue veteran, Mewtwo. This new Pokemon pictured above is at this time nameless, but the light grey and purple coloring, the long tail, and facial structure all resemble the the enigmatic Pokemon. The tail is emanating from a different spot and the arch around the head is new, so could this be an evolvement? The video below shows the new Pokemon using a variety of attacks and how great the game is shaping up visually. What do you think of the Mewtwo inspired Pokemon? Evolution or new species? Will the original Mewtwo be present in X and Y? Comment below.


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