January 31, 2013

New Theater Releases in Your Home……..At a cost

Have you ever wished you could skip theater lines and over priced popcorn on the release weekend of that movie youve been looking forward to? Well a company called Prima Cinema has made that a reality, but it comes at a steep price and exclusivity that may be close to impossible to obtain.

Prima has developed a home theater device that will stream/download a newly released in theaters movie directly to your home. The unit costs $35,000 and comes with a remote fingerprint reader for security. Each newly released movie viewing will run $500 ( thats $500 per viewing not per movie ) with the option to pay a yet to be determined annual fee for an unlimited subscription.

The catch (aside from putting a second and third mortgage on your house) is you cant just go buy this. One has to be on what is being called the “Bel-Air Circuit”, an intensely secret screener list that gives those on it access to first run theatrical releases. To add to its difficulty that circuit list is per studio, so should you make the list of one studio this does not guarantee you access to other studio’s releases, you must be on a studio’s list to view their movies, and by the sounds of it you dont simply sign up, you get invited giving studios the freedom to hand pick who gets their fresh movie goodness in the comfort of their own homes.

If I had $35k and $500 to burn every few weeks…..I still wouldn’t blow it on something like this, but thats just me. Would you try to get in on this with unlimited cash flow? Thoughts?

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