November 6, 2013

New Vita Update Prepares for Impending Launch


If you have downloaded the new system update for the PlayStation Vita you will notice that there are some new features, including one for the upcoming launch of the PlayStation 4. If you check out the picture above of my home screen (yes that is Fall of Cybertron artwork as my wallpaper), you will notice there is a new app, the PS4 Link. Tab the bubble and you will be taken to a screen that has the options of Remote Play and Second Screen. Second Screen will be used for titles that have the ability to display information on a second screen like a tablet or smart phone. What titles and how they will use this has yet to be determined, hopefully DICE makes a Battlefield 4 commander app for the Vita. Remote Play works similar to how remote play with the PS3 works, the benefit of the PS4 however, is that most games (outside of utilizing peripherals like the camera) will be supported. The feature works best if you have the PS4 connected with an Ethernet cable and the Vita is on the same Wi-Fi the PS4 is connected to. There are other features to be excited for as well. The content manager can now access your PS3 via Wi-Fi, so you no longer have to hard wire your Vita to transfer data back and forth. There is a new panorama feature to the camera that lets you take 360 degree photos, and new parental controls were added as well. One last feature I want to hit upon is the new update to the friends app, that lets you sort, add, and accept friend request with ease. For more of the features and descriptions head over to the official PlayStation Blog or check out the video below. I am excited to see the PS4 application in action, only just over a week and the PlayStation 4 will be on store shelves. The PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15th.

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  1. David - November 14, 2013 9:09 am

    this video is of the roof


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