August 9, 2012

New Writer On TGB, Luke Beazley

Hi guys (and girls),

I’m 25, married, and live in Kansas City!  Need I say more? It is good to be joining you all here at  I’m going to be working on bring some new content about Starcraft II and possibly some other games to TGB.  But for now I’ll stick to SC II.  On that note here is a random funny, In my opinion, about a Starcraft player. “BoxeR would be forfeiting his Code A match due to health concerns. His shoulder has been hurting for over a year and a half and it had gotten to the point where he could not play more than five games a day. As a result he has decided to take a break from pro-gaming to rehabilitate.”  LoL Wow, so let me just say that if your shoulder is hurting you maybe you’re playing to many video games.  Here is a random video on Starcraft strategy. Enjoy.

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  1. TattooedKitty - August 10, 2012 3:10 am

    Hi Luke, great to have you with us on The Gamers Blog!


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