January 3, 2010

New Year 4 Da Gamers

Welcome to 2010.  We are still finding our selves individually as well as through our newbie site.  We would like to “officially” introduce ourselves to the net and other bloggers and game lovers, but 1st we would like to look at what kinds of things we will be talking about this coming year.  So, unofficially we will the guiding light of the blind (makes no sense) in the coming year.

Games, games, games, and all things related to games.  Since my work blocks game sites, I have a better opportunity to talk about sweet developments in gaming and computing, I DeathProof, will be mostly dealing with tech, computing and game news, since these sites are not blocked : )  FYI after 3 weeks the web filter at work blocked our site too, maybe that’s a good thing their server recognizes that our site is a gaming site : )  And my cohort, aka Thesoundman, will be dealing more specifically with game and hardware reviews, not to mention maintaining the site (and fixing my attempts to update plug-ins that result in weirdness).  So for the New Year we should have an alliance of 2 brains operating as one, well not really but we should be able to bring a wide variety of subjects and current tech news to your attention and hopefully be a platform for reputable reviews and fun blogging.  You may start to notice some advertising on the site in the near future, that’s for the simple reason that we would like to make some money at this thing we’re doing as well.  But we’ll try not to be too pushy, just try to let you and our visitors know about good deals in hardware and software and related subjects out there.

Thanks for checking us out and if you like what you see, please register and start commenting on our articles, and feel free to let us know how we can improve our joint, thanks!!!!

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  1. PimpmasterF - January 8, 2010 5:37 pm

    You say you bring everything game eh? eeeehh???……yea id read it, Now Ive been looking high, low and a few places that make me feel dirty, but I cant for the life of me find any credible info on Nvidia’s newest upcoming addition to the Geforce family, the 300 series geforce cards with the new Fermi architecture. Am I the one tard who cant figure out google or has Nvidia partnered up with the CIA? Everytime I find something on it I find something else that contradicts it, and what I do find is scarce. Im trying to decide if I should be waiting for its release or just get a second 285 for SLI. And I think Nvidia would do well to release some basic info, proposed specs, ETA, Price range etc. so that myself and other people can decide they want to wait to buy a new GPU and/or save up for the asskickery that is supposedly gonna be the new 300 series GPU.


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