January 13, 2012

Next gen Kinect on its way, but when?

You may have heard the rumors that Microsoft is currently working on the next Kinect device. Well of course they are, they would be stupid not to, with the success the Kinect currently boasts a second gen Kinect is what many are waiting for. The question is when it will be announced, official features it will have and when it will be available.

There are many rumors going around, many of which are likely baseless but its entirely possible that it will end up being a set top box type of device. With Microsoft making deals with Xfinity/Comcast and Fox it would make sense that they would create something that incorporates all this into one. I mean seriously, a set top box Kinect with voice controlled TV services is an awesome idea. Not to mention the fact that the next Kinect will obviously improve on current tech and eliminate most if not all lag that comes with a Kinect and boast a higher camera resolution. Whats more is it is said that Microsoft will be looking to release it in an affordable range from $150-$200.

In any case most information you will come across on the next Kinect is going to be speculation, but I think its safe to say the next Kinect will be worth the wait and is something we can all get excited about when it finally surfaces.

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