March 1, 2012

Nexuiz Released

Nexuiz is a first person shoot of the arena variety, something pretty rare these days. I am proud to say that this game was developed by none other than Illfonic Studios, a local to my city (Denver). The game was released last night at midnight. Anyone who enjoyed the old arena shooter games like Quake will love Nexuiz. Nexuiz is like Quake with a sense of humor, and something really cool called mutators. Mutators get called in during the game, and change the game play. Up to three mutators are active at a time and they all interact with each other differently. So on top of the extremely fast paced gameplay, you might become colorblind or your controls will be inverted. Talk about tricky!

Arena shooters bring me back to the good old days at LAN parties, screaming at people across the room at 3am about the last match. I’m not sure of Nexuiz will coax me back to a room filled with sweaty Mountain Dew filled boys, but it will at least get me at the edge of my seat yelling at the computer screen again. I have actually played Nexuiz already, I can’t talk much about that but I was really impressed. The levels are just gorgeous, and cannot be compared to games like Halo. A lot of love was put into this game, and it really shows.

Developer: Illfonic
Release: 2012
Genre: FPS
Platform: 360 currently. PC and PS3 release anticipated in the following months
Publisher: THQ

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