Nintendo Direct 12/5: Games of 2013


Nintendo’s Reg­gie Fils-Aime sat down this morn­ing to announce some games that are com­ing for the Wii U and 3DS that are com­ing in the fol­low­ing weeks and months. Here is what he announced!



- Lego City Under­cover (WII U)
– An open world with plenty of vehi­cles
– Sev­eral dis­guises to solve puz­zles
– Looks like the most ambi­tious Lego title to date
– Early 2013

- Pik­min 3 (WII U)
– Looks even bet­ter than the E3 video
– Launch­ing Q2 of 2013
– New crea­tures and enemies

- Game and Wario (WII U)
– A new War­i­oWare title
– All games are using the gamepad
– Games can be up to 5 play­ers but will still only use 1 gamepad

- Wii Fit U (WII U)
– Will use the Wii bal­ance board
– Will have a Fit meter that looks like the poke­walker that came with the Sil­ver and Gold remakes on the DS
– Launches first part of 2013

- Panorama View (WII U)

- Demo will be available

- Will be a paid down­load app

- Will let you look around sev­eral major cities around the world

- Google Maps (WII U)

- Will let you use the Google maps street view with the gamepad
– Avail­able Q1 2013

- Luigi’s Man­sion: Dark Moon (3DS)
– Spring 2013

- Brain Age: con­cen­tra­tion training

- Scales dif­fi­culty depend­ing on how you perform

- Firm Emblem: Awak­en­ing (3DS)
– Launches in NA on Feb­ru­ary 4th
– Rela­tion­ships between char­ac­ters will have an impact on gameplay.

- New Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS)
– Free DLC boast­ing lev­els from clas­sic Mario games.
– Only avail­able till January.


I have had the new NSMB2 DLC for a lit­tle while now and they did a great job cre­at­ing clas­sic lev­els from Mario’s past. They are only avail­able to be down­loaded through the games DLC shop, not the Eshop. There is some excit­ing stuff on the hori­zon for Nintendo’s con­soles and I per­son­ally am excited to get my hands on a new Fire Emblem just in time for Valen­tines Day. There were no BIG sur­prises but some release dates and win­dows were tied down today, see any­thing that inter­est you?

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