April 17, 2013

Nintendo Direct: Release Dates and Zelda’s Aplenty


There was plenty of info and a few surprises in this mornings Nintendo Direct. Though the presentation this morning was focused on the 3DS there was some news for the Wii U as well; lets Dive into that news first.


The Wii U Spring update will launch next week and include some of the following features:

– Faster load times for menus and starting software.

– When the console is powering up, you can hold down the B button on the gamepad to go directly to the Wii Menu.

– Background downloads, similar to the 360’s function, will be added. You can power down the console, but will remain active to download and install software. Once finished the console will completely power down.

– The Virtual Console will finally be added, bringing with it NES and SNES titles. GBA and N64 titles will be released at a later date. Anyone that has bought Wii VC titles and want to play them on their Wii U, can add the Wii U added functionality at the cost of $1.00 for NES titles and $1.50 for SNES titles.

New Super Luigi U

– All 82 levels of the original title are revamped bringing a whole new game

– Luigi will control differently than Mario, such as higher jumps and lacks the ability to stop dead from running.

– This will be DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U and will be released via the eShop this summer.

Last few tidbits on the Wii U:

Game and Wario, the newest installment in the WarioWare franchise will be out on the eShop and retail on June 23rd.

By popular demand and the outcry of fans on the Miiverse, Earthbound is heading to the Wii U Virtual Console by the end of the year.  Nintendo has a way of satisfying their fans lately, lets hope this trend continues.

Pikmin 3 will have yet another new Pikmin type outside of the Rock Pikmin they showed off last year; the Flying Pikmin. The new pikmin will add new strategic elements to the already robust lineup of Pikmin. Pikmin 3 will be releasing in the coming months.


Now onto the 3DS, which was the main focus of this morning’s presentation. The 3DS continues to dominate the handheld market and with good reason. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, which I added to my collection recently, is fantastic and along with HarmoKnight, have dominated my handheld gaming. There is plenty more to get excited over for Nintendo’s handheld with news on announced titles and new ones that will be coming your way:


Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

– This game was announced in the previous Nintendo Direct

– New gameplay trailer was shown (Video below)

– The game will be released via retail and the eShop on August 11th.


Mario Golf: World Tour

– The game will feature Nintendo Network features

– Global multiplayer

– Score uploads

– More community features, similar to the ones seen in Mario Kart 7

– Local multiplayer will be featured as well

– The title will released summer 2013


Mario Party (working title)

– 7 different game boards each with their own different play style.

– A quick game mode will be available for playing the game on the go.

– 81 all-new mini games

– The title will be release this winter.


Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

– Rebalanced for portability

– “New” mode will add features to bring players of lesser skill to the game.

– “New” mode will bring some new elements such as extra health; a DK barrel to unleash Diddy Kong anywhere; a green       balloon to help you if fall into a gap.

– Original mode is included as well featuring unaltered gameplay.

– 8 new levels featured in a new world that is accessible after the main game in completed.

– The game will be released on the eShop and retail on May 24th.


Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move

– 180 levels across 4 different modes

– craft and download user generated levels

– The title will be available on May 9th on the eShop


Yoshi’s Island

– The third title in a series that started back on the SNES

– There will be new gameplay features


The Legend of Zelda (Working Title)

– A sequel to the SNES title The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

– Will be a top down Zelda title.

– Will have a new power, able to transform into a wall drawing to solve puzzles.

– There is a 3D trailer up on the 3DS eShop right now.

– The title will be released this Holiday.


There is plenty coming exclusively to the 3DS eShop. There are plenty of titles coming from Professor Layton developers Level 5 that were originally only available in Japan. There is finally release dates on some much anticipated Virtual Console titles. Here is the list:


The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons & Ages (VC GBC)

– Both titles will be release on May 30th

– The connectivity between the titles will be included


Bravely Default

– Square Enix will be bringing the title to the 3DS eShop in 2014


Level 5

– Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy will be coming in 2014

– The Starship Damray

– Bugs vs. Tanks

– Attack of the Friday Monster

– All of these titles are coming from Level 5 and will be coming soon to the 3DS eShop.


I know there is a lot of info here and it’s quite a bit to take in. The full video of the Nintendo Direct is below so please check it out for any of the videos or screens for any of the titles above. There is tons to love and get excited over, so  check it out.


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  1. DianaQ - April 17, 2013 7:53 pm

    Well, a lot of great games to come! Mario & Luigi Dream Team looks great!


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