May 17, 2013

Nintendo Direct: The Blue Hedgehog Exclusive



This mornings Nintendo Direct wasn’t lengthy like previous ones but gave some vital information about when you can pick up your Wii U gamepad in enjoyment, for we have release dates on several big titles. The Wii U is a fascinating piece of hardware, but it lacks considerable software, that change is coming very quickly over the next couple of months. First and foremost, Nintendo and Sega have partnered together to bring the newest Sonic title, which is dubbed Sonic: Lost World, to the Wii U and 3DS. This isn’t the first time there has been an exclusive Sonic title on a Nintendo Platform, but lets hope is more like Colors and less like Black Knight. There will also be a new Mario and Sonic at the Olympics title to coincide with the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. If you want even more Sega on your Nintendo platforms, there will be a dozen or more Game Gear titles headed to the 3DS eShop very soon. Speaking of the 3DS eShop, The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons & Ages will be released on May 30th at the price of $5.99. Since there is content shared between the two versions, there will be a special pricing promotion from May 30th to June 20th, each title will run you $4.99 so you can nab both for just $10. The Wii U is going to have a busy summer, which is typically unheard of. Starting with Game and Wario and ending with the Wonderful 101, the summer will belong to the Wii U. Here is a list of release dates and some pricing info for what the summer holds in store for the Wii U:


Game and Wario : Release date June 23 and will retail for $39.99.

New Super Luigi U: Release date June 20th (Wii U eShop) and August 25th (Retail), the price will be $19.99 (eShop) and $29.99 (retail). The retail copy will be a standalone version, not requiring New Super Mario Bros U to function.

Wonderful 101 : Release date September 15th.

Pikmin 3: August 4th


This is exciting news since Pikmin 3 was one of the reasons I picked up a Wii U at launch, but waiting almost a year for it kind of hurts. While there was a delay there will be three new characters in Pikmin 3 along with 3 controller schemes, challenge modes, and multiplayer that will be reveled at a later date. There will be special Green packaging for New Luigi U for the retail version. Nintendo of America did announce that it will be partnering with Best Buy to bring E3 demos and videos to their stores, to bring E3 to everyone. This is a nice gesture to show people what is coming to the Wii U; but for those of us that have a very incompetent Best Buy and have a Wii U, could we have the demos and videos at home, please? If you would like the watch the Nintendo Direct in its entirety the video is posted below.

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