February 7, 2013

Nintendo eShop Update


Every week we get the the collection of decent downloadable titles but nothing like what we got this week. Mega Man 2, what I think is the definitive 8-bit Mega Man, has hit the eShop on the 3DS Virtual Console. Let’s start with the Wii U that just has one download this week as Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 hits the same time as the retail copy. Ken’s Rage 2 is $59.99. The 3DS has quite a bit hitting this week. Two full retail games hit this week with Brain Age: Concentration Training and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 3D. Brain Age will be available on February 10th for $34.99 and PES 2013 3D will be available February 12th for $29.99. I have been playing Brain Age on my lunch breaks over the past week and I am addicted just the same way the DS iterations drew me in; Devilish Calculations are both a my new love and my new bane. The upcoming Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan receives a free demo to give you a hint at how the upcoming RPG is coming along. The big things this week, at least for me, is that Mega Man 2 hit the Virtual Console on the go. Mega Man 2 hti the eShop at $4.99 and it is already on my 3DS and I skipped Brain Age during lunch to take out Flashman. There is a bit more on the 3DS, all the information on these games and everything I have covered head to Nintendo.com for all the details.

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