Nintendo eShop Update: Luigi and Mega Man lead the charge


The year of Luigi, as Nin­tendo is dub­bing 2013, hit it’s major title today with New Super Luigi U hit­ting the Wii U eShop. New Super Luigi U  is DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U in which you play only as Luigi through 80+ new lev­els. The DLC will run you $19.99 and will require New Super Mario Bros. U to play. There will, how­ever, be a stand­alone ver­sion of the DLC, and it will hit retail for a lim­ited time this August. The stand­alone disc will run you $29.99, but comes in a lim­ited green pack­ag­ing. I have my heart set on the green pack­ag­ing and will be pick­ing it up later this sum­mer, the pack­ag­ing (pic­tured above) is just awe­some and must be on my book­shelf. Also hit­ting the Wii U eShop on the 23rd, is the lat­est in the Wario Ware series, Game & Wario. Game & Wario will be avail­able to down­load at mid­night the night of the 22nd and the game will run you $39.99. The newest 30 cent Vir­tual Con­sole title is also avail­able. Yoshi is avail­able for 30 cents from now until July 11th. The final game in the pro­mo­tion will be Don­key Kong (NES) and will be avail­able on July 15th. Speak­ing of the Vir­tual Con­sole, lets check out what is hit­ting both the 3DS and Wii U. First the Wii U is get­ting the orig­i­nal Mario Bros. and Wreck­ing Crew. Wreck­ing Crew is an inter­est­ing title that I never had the chance to play until I got it as part of the Ambas­sador Pro­gram. Both titles will run you $4.99 and come with all the new Wii U VC fea­tures. The 3DS con­tin­ues to pile on the Mega Man clas­sic titles and this week we see one of my favorites Mega Man 6. Mega Man 6, was not really know for its robot mas­ters, in fact, Plant Man is seen as one of the worst. Despite this, Mega Man 6 does see Rush help­ing Mega Man in the coolest of ways by trans­form­ing into a jet pack and power suit. Mega Man 6 will run you $4.99. Mak­ing their debut a few weeks ago, the eShop has been receiv­ing Sega Game Gear titles on the Vir­tual Con­sole. This week we get the addi­tions of Sonic Blast and Tail’s Adven­ture. Sonic Blast has Sonic and Knuck­les team­ing up to stop Dr. Eggman while Tail’s Adven­ture has Sonic’s side­kick fly­ing off on his own quest filled with 12 unique lev­els. Sonic Blast will run you $3.99 and Tail’s Adven­ture will run you $4.99. I like that Sega is bring­ing these titles back, the Game Gear is a hand­held I never owned and would love to play some of the pop­u­lar titles I never got to try. For every­thing here and any­thing that I didn’t cover head over to the Offi­cial Nin­tendo Page.

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